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Halo is quite the iconic video game franchise. We’re gearing up for the next major installment release, and there’s still plenty we don’t know about. So far, there’s only been one flight available. This gave selected players a chance to test out the multiplayer component of the game. Unfortunately, this was limited to facing bots. Still, some fans were able to try the game out. While that allowed some new information to come out, datamining has continued to shed light on areas of the game which has yet to receive a highlight.

One of the leaks that came out from Twitter user, NewHaloLeaks, is a photo mode. It’s not something all that shocking. A ton of great video game titles out there offer photo mode options for players. Here, players can capture some images in-game. Likewise, they are usually filled with options to tweak the look, mood, character position, and even poses. That seems to be about what we can expect for Halo Infinite if this leak proves to be accurate.

The leak comes from a text document that highlights different features. For example, players will mess with the position, borders, filters, stickers, and other aspects. Again, it’s something that some fans likely had suspected to be featured in Halo Infinite, but now we have a leak to flesh the feature out a bit more. For now, it’s a waiting game to see this feature gets fully unveiled by the development team over at 343 Industries.

With that said, there’s also the wait for the next flight. While we haven’t heard anything about when the next flight will be, it has been mentioned in the past. From what was said by the community manager for 343 Industries, a new flight might give players more PVP gameplay. Instead of bots, you’ll likely be facing other active players. Additionally, outside of the flight, we’re waiting on an actual release date. So far, the game is only slated to launch this holiday season.


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