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Halo Infinite will be launching this holiday season. However, while we haven’t received the game yet, some players were given access to the first flight. This beta test gave players a chance to battle against bots in a multiplayer match. Ultimately the beta had plenty of positive reception over the gameplay, but one mechanic was seemingly missing. It looks like 343 Industries has removed assassinations. Previously, 343 Industries seemed optimistic the mechanic would be featured, but that’s not the case anymore.

Assassinations are out, according to senior mission designer Tom French. Speaking with Eurogamer, the assassination moves are something that 343 Industries love. However, it’s not something we’ll see added into the mix at launch. This removal is simply because the studio was finding more players are not using this mechanic. While it’s a great feeling getting an assassination against an enemy, there’s a real vulnerability to it. Players are stuck watching an animation play that takes a second or two before they can break free.

Even for a second, being vulnerable in a highly competitive game can make for a bad time. As a result, the studio has removed the animations and will reconsider this mechanic to find a meaningful way to add assassinations into the mix. Of course, it might be challenging to pull off if you want a more competitive gameplay aspect.

Some fans might find this a bit frustrating if they wanted to keep the assassination mechanic within Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. For now, fans are waiting on the next flight to take place for this game. We don’t know when that will be, but it looks like we can expect some PVP multiplayer action rather than dealing with bots.


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