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One of Microsoft’s highly anticipated exclusives coming out this year is Halo Infinite. While the studio has been working on this project for quite some time, fans were recently able to dive into the game for the first time. The flight had come to an end already, but a selected few were able to try the game out. It was centered around bots with different difficulty bots being added into the mix over the flight duration. Now that the flight is over, some fans might want to keep an eye out for a potential new flight coming out in the future.

343 Industries community manager recently tweeted out to his followers that a new flight could happen. Now the tweets were mainly based on the fact that 343 Industries was looking through the feedback. Of course, some of the bugs that might have come up from this flight might have been fixed beforehand. Regardless, there is likely enough feedback from fans about their experience with the multiplayer. Hopefully, that should translate to a better overall experience to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer aspect when the game finally launches.

Although for some fans that we’re disappointed to not get on this past flight may have another. The community manager did note that there is potential for a new flight in the works. That supposed next flight would incorporate more PvP and other multiplayer elements. Although, there are no details or specifics about what to expect just yet. Instead, players who want to dive into this flight will want to join the Halo Insiders Program in preparation for a potential flight invite.

Meanwhile, Halo Infinite doesn’t have a specific release date yet. Instead, the focus is getting the game out into the marketplace sometime within the holiday season. When the game releases, players will find that the game’s multiplayer component will be free to play. When Halo Infinite launches, you’ll find it available for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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