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Halo Infinite’s next flight had been something fans were waiting for since the first flight ended. Now we finally have the official flight launch date. 343 Industries has taken to the official Halo Twitter account to alert followers that a new multiplayer preview flight is coming out into the marketplace this September 24, 2021. Best of all, it looks like everyone can join in the fun.

With the next Halo Infinite flight, all registered Halo Insider profiles created by September 13, 2021, will be eligible to participate. This means you only have a couple of days to get registered if you want to try out the Halo Infinite multiplayer aspect of the game. This is also a great way to provide more feedback to the developers before Halo Infinite finally launches into the marketplace.

In the past, we’ve heard that the next multiplayer flight for Halo Infinite would feature more of a PVP element. If you recall, the first flight for Halo Infinite featured multiplayer, but it was mainly centered around players battling against bots. Now the game should be more competitive this time around, with players fighting against each other. But, again, you’ll be able to try this flight out just as long as you register for a Halo Insiders account.

As for the full game launch, Halo Infinite will be hitting the marketplace on December 8, 2021. When the title does release, you can find it available for the PC, Xbox One, and lastly, the Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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