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Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated video game exclusives coming out this year from Microsoft. While initially, the development studio 343 Industries had planned to launch this latest game alongside the Xbox Series X/S platform release, that didn’t happen. After fan feedback from the gameplay footage reveal, the developers opted to postpone the launch. So now we’re gearing up for a release this holiday season, and to help get players a bit more hyped, the developers recently launched the first flight. However, a new leak suggests that there is another open flight beta coming to the installment soon.

The first flight was limited, so only a few selected players were given a chance to try the game out. However, that’s something we’ll see changed hopefully soon if the leak is accurate. Recently, a rumored leak has been surfacing online that shows a Pringle’s collaboration. Like other promotions, Halo Infinite may have an XP bonus promo for purchasing select Pringles products. If this leak is real we should see the promotion start this September. As a result, this is likely something planned for an open beta.

We’ve heard from 343 Industries and Xbox head Phil Spencer that Halo Infinite will be launching this holiday season. As a result, the promotion will likely be centered around an open beta leading up to a launch. After all, this multiplayer component of Halo Infinite is said to be free-to-play. A longer open beta may help hype up the full game launch. Although, this very well could be a fake promotion or something that’s being held back for the game’s actual launch.

Regardless, we have heard in the past that there is a potential for a new flight. While the first flight had to deal with battling bots, this next one could lead to more PVP gameplay. For now, we’ll have to wait for an official flight announcement along with just when exactly Halo Infinite will be launching into the marketplace. However, when this game does hit the marketplace, you can expect it for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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