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When it comes to Halo, the franchise has a massive following. This is one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives, and it has moved consoles in the past. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X/S platforms were not launched alongside the Halo Infinite video game installment. Instead, the studio had to delay the game to continue working on the title to meet standards after the gameplay trailer was revealed. Could this push back allow the studio to rethink its stance on a battle royale game mode?

In the past, 343 Industries wasn’t up for a battle royale mode for their Halo Infinite game. However, fast forward to the present day, and we know that the multiplayer component for Halo Infinite has been confirmed to be free to play. That alone could give the studio some interest in bringing out more game modes like a battle royale. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official announcements on a battle royale mode, but a rumor has circulated today.

It’s worth not putting too much weight on this rumor. First, this comes from a popular streamer, Dr. Disrespect, which could be a trolling statement. But it’s reported that the streamer claims a massive battle royale mode is coming with 300 players attached. For now, it’s only a rumor because there’s no confirmation from 343 Industries.

Again, it’s always possible that a battle royale mode could be added to pull players in. For now, there’s no word on the game mode coming to the game. However, we know that seasonal updates will be releasing regularly, which should add new content. One of the updates will bring the Forge mode, which will at least bring a map editor, so if we don’t have a battle royale mode, we should have plenty of unique custom games come out.


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