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Halo Infinite had recently started up a technical preview. This beta flight allowed players a chance to try out the multiplayer aspect of the game. We’re also still learning plenty of new information about the game from players testing it out. For starters, did you know that Halo Infinite features bots? Interestingly enough, the bots are putting up a rather big challenge.

We’ve seen plenty of reports come out online from players. Bots are pretty impressive in Halo Infinite and can put up a fight. The preview started with standard bots but then upped the difficulty with ODST level bots. That gave a boost in difficulty for players as they had bots trying to chase human players down. Now the latest bot level has been unleashed, and it should prove to be quite the obstacle. Announced Sunday through the official Halo Twitter account, players have slain over 7 million bots. That’s quite the number, but now it’s time to free the Spartan-level bots.

These new bots have entered the Arena, and it’s going to be quite the feat for players. Perhaps we’ll see these bots AI continue to grow and make even more innovative moves. There could very well be a chance that bots will end up winning competitive matches. Although, this very well could allow players to get more training in for actual competitive ranked games. Unfortunately, this is just something that flight players can try out right now. Likewise, we’re not entirely sure just when Halo Infinite will launch.

As it stands, Halo Infinite is coming out this year. We’ve heard reports in the past that Halo Infinite will arrive in time for the holiday reason. Unfortunately, there’s been no official confirmation date established quite yet. In the meantime, we have flight footage surfacing online along with datamines. One of those datamines even uncovered a potential battle royale game mode, but just like the release date, no confirmation has come out yet. When Halo Infinite launches, we can expect it for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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