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With Halo Infinite on its way to the marketplace this holiday season, we’re still finding new aspects about the game. For instance, it looks like two big features are being dropped from launch. The two features that have been confirmed to be missing are campaign co-op and Forge mode. Those are two notable features that should be a bit disappointing for fans. However, it should be noted that this game will receive these features post-launch. 343 Industries already has plans on when these modes will hit the game.

Rather than delaying the game again, it looks like 343 Industries are pushing two features back. So, fortunately, fans will still get this game within the holiday season of this year. That’s something we’ve heard about quite a bit and again reiterated during the latest Halo Infinite development update video. So while we don’t have a specific release date yet, we can expect the game this year. During the video, we also were noted that 343 Industries already has a year of content updates for Halo Infinite.

Players can expect seasonal updates, and according to the development update video, a season for Halo Infinite will consist of three months. With this, 343 Industries plans Halo Infinite’s co-op launch to happen within the second season. That means after launch, players will need to wait three months before the second season launches, and with it comes the co-op update. Likewise, the Forge update is planned for the third season, six months after the game hits the market.

We have also heard that Halo Infinite will have flights after the game launches. This should give players early access to testing out future game modes like Forge. Of course, nothing is set in stone here, so there’s always the possibility that these game modes will be pushed back even further. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait for the official release date to hit Halo Infinite to get a better idea of when the second season will arrive.


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