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Halo is a massive video game franchise and an exclusive staple IP for Xbox. The series has seen multiple mainline installments along with spin-off titles as well. While the original developers from the IP, Bungie, may not be working on Halo any longer, 343 Industries has taken on the challenge. After the launch of Halo Guardians, fans have been waking on that next mainline installment to hit the marketplace. We know Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox consoles along with PC platforms this holiday season. However, even when this game hits the marketplace, players can still expect some flights to occur.

One of the most significant changes the IP is experiencing with this new installment is the free multiplayer. Unlike the past installments, the multiplayer component will be completely free-to-play. As a result, we’ll likely see some content added into the mix over the coming years. That should spark some betas to take place, which is known as flights at 343 Industries. Halo fans can even expect a new flight before Halo Infinite hits the marketplace.

It wasn’t long ago that Halo Infinite had their first flight. This technical preview allowed selected players around the world to try the multiplayer component of the game. During that preview, players were able to battle against bots, allowing the studio to gain feedback on the gameplay. While that flight has ended, this latest development update video from 343 Industries confirms that a new flight is in the works. Within the new flight, players should experience some multiplayer PVP combat which should spark even more feedback.

With that said, the development update also confirmed that there would be some flights after the launch of this game. Since there is content planned for launch after the game hits the market, selected Halo Insiders will be able to try this content out through a flight. We’re still waiting on a specific launch date alongside when the next flight will take place. Of course, if you want to partake in the next flight, you’ll need to ensure that you’re registered within the Halo Insiders program.


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