Halo Infinite Will Include A Battle Royale Mode With Ties To Campaign Narrative Claims Insider - Gameranx - Game in Time

Halo Infinite Will Include A Battle Royale Mode With Ties To Campaign Narrative Claims Insider – Gameranx


Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated video game title exclusives coming from Xbox this year. For years fans have been waiting on this game, but the news had been a bit scarce. Recently, Halo Infinite just had a successful flight. However, the flight didn’t open up the entire multiplayer game modes. As a result one game mode that we might see revealed soon is battle royale.

The battle royale genre has blown up, and we’re seeing quite a few dedicated games to the genre showing up. However, some franchises are pushing their own separate battle royale game mode into the mix outside of that. Recently, fans discovered a game file in the recent flight which gives some indication a battle royale game mode is coming. Now credible industry insider, Tom Henderson, has taken to Twitter and alerted followers more about Halo Infinite’s potential battle royale mode.

According to Tom Henderson, 343 Industries had been developing this game mode for years. Although, Tom admits that he doesn’t know if it was scrapped or if 343 Industries will release the game mode. Regardless, there is an exciting aspect to the battle royale game mode as it’s apparently connected to the campaign. We’re not sure just how, but it looks like you might have to play a bit of the competitive multiplayer game mode to see the connections throughout the campaign.

For now, it’s uncertain if we’ll see a battle royale game mode added into Halo Infinite. Still, it would seem like a missed opportunity if not. After all, we already know that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component will be free-to-play. Perhaps this is a means to get some players to purchase the entire game. All we can do is wait for the official announcement to come out. Unfortunately, we’re also still waiting on a release date announcement. As it stands right now, we should see the game this holiday season.


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