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Halo is quite the beloved video game franchise, so naturally, there will be buyers when it’s set to receive a variant console edition. That statement was proven true recently as we recently received the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console variant announcement. That had so many players eager to get their hands on a copy. Fans flocked to different retailers online to pre-order a unit, and as soon as pre-orders opened, they were quickly sold out. It left plenty of consumers out of luck of obtaining a variant console.

It wasn’t long after the pre-orders sold out that we found resellers flipping their consoles. The Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 is incredibly tough to find consoles right now. Since the pandemic, the stock for these consoles has been scarce since these platforms were released. As a result, some fans likely didn’t care much about Halo but just found this as a way to finally obtaining an Xbox Series X console at MSRB.

Again, since this game was such a difficult platform to obtain, it left resellers also flocking to the different online retailers. That allowed more units flooding the third-party online retailers to flip these consoles for obscene prices. However, now a new report is suggesting that there is a restock happening for this console variant. Noted by Gaming Intel, we could see the different online retailers offering special Xbox Series X Halo Infinite consoles once again showing up for pre-order.

It might be best to watch the different retailers see if this console pops back up. But, of course, with that said, there is also a push to get these consoles out into the marketplace regularly. So we might have to deal with this shortage for a bit longer. But Microsoft and Sony have been sending out a wave of console shipments to different retailers. Hopefully, the stock goes back to being bountiful, so we don’t run into problems this holiday season.


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