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Video games have a variety of extra minor features to keep players entertained. One of the more popular features we see in several video games is the photo mode. This is when a game offers a photography mode for players to snap pictures in games. There are some robust photograph modes as well in video games. However, Hideo Kojima, a famed developer in the industry, recently defended this mode.

Hideo Kojima is an iconic video game developer. Over the years, we have seen this individual bring out some incredible releases, much like Metal Gear. However, as of late, the iconic industry leader has taken to his studio, Kojima Productions. Fans will also notice that Hideo Kojima is also quite active online. Thanks to social media platforms like Twitter, Hideo Kojima has tweeted out thoughts and updates.

During a recent tweet, Hideo Kojima defended the use of in-game photography. After finding some players making fun of the in-game mode, Hideo Kojima explained how players could benefit from this feature. According to Hideo Kojima, the mode can allow players to become better at photography. Using the in-game tools, players can play with lighting, scenery along with adjusting the character poses. This could translate to taking better images in real life.

Hideo noted that this is an excellent way to know what to take photos of. You might not get a chance to tweak poses but knowing the type of image you want to capture could be learned from video games. Currently, Hideo Kojima is getting ready to see his next video game release, Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Perhaps we’ll see some neat in-game photo captures from the PlayStation 5 exclusive.


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