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Hideo Kojima is a legendary industry leader in the video game industry. This iconic developer has been around for ages and has been producing games for a plethora of console generations. We’ve seen cult hits like Snatcher release to the mega-popular worldwide hit, Metal Gear Solid. However, things took a twist for Hideo Kojima several years ago when he parted ways with Konami.

For years Hideo Kojima had been working with Konami to develop a variety of video games. However, when it was unveiled that he was taking on the Silent Hill IP, there was a rift between Konami and Hideo Kojima which resulted in the game being canceled along with Kojima taking off. Instead of landing at a different studio, Hideo Kojima ended up making his development team called Kojima Productions with their debut title being Death Stranding. This was a PlayStation 4 exclusive but has since been unveiled to get a new edition released on the PlayStation 5.

The upcoming video game edition is called Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and it’s going to have some additional content added into the game. However, Hideo Kojima has taken issue with the title of this game already and reached out to fans on his personal Twitter account. According to Hideo Kojima, this is not a director’s cut, because the title refers to movies in which the director can release a cut that includes some content that was already made. These cuts were a factor for a variety of reasons which might be resulting in rating issues or simply there wasn’t enough time available to see these additional scenes.

With this upcoming release, Hideo Kojima made note that the additional content coming with this edition is brand new content and not something that was already made but scrapped from the original game. While this upcoming edition could be the definitive edition to get for Death Stranding, others are wondering just what video game project Hideo Kojima is going to make next.

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