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Harry Potter is a massive franchise. From novels to movies, there’s plenty of lore and grounds charted out. However, there’s still plenty of areas within places like Hogwarts that fans don’t know much about. Fortunately, some areas may finally get a proper unveiling during the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy video game. In fact, one fan has taken to Reddit and showcased Hogwarts regions that are already known, along with sections that are a mystery. 

You can check out the map embedded below. This was marked by Reddit user, Inspector_Beyond who also went into detail about what each area represents. We’ll list down the markings provided by Inspector_Beyond within the Reddit post as well. Overall, Hogwarts is an iconic area within the Harry Potter franchise. It’s where students attend to learn magic, and over the different movies and books, we get plenty of detailed locations.

Hopefully, we’ll get a better look around Hogwarts when Hogwarts Legacy launches. After all, it looks like this game will be available for players to explore. Although, the game itself will take place several years before the novels. As a result, there could be some slight changes to the grounds, but of course, we’ll have to wait and find out for ourselves. For now this is an excellent little guide to where things are set up in Hogwarts.

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is still in development at Avalanche Software with a release for 2022. Within the game, Hogwarts Legacy will take place within the 1800s, where players are stepping into a student accepted into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here players can explore and complete a series of quests. We also know that there is a morality system within the game which should hopefully bring out some interesting consequences. 


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