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Hogwarts Legacy is quite the anticipated video game. Harry Potter fans are finally going to receive a new video game installment, but one that’s set well before the events of Harry Potter. With that said, this upcoming installment has plenty of familiarity for Harry Potter fans. We’re thrown into the late 1800s as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We’ll get to explore the school grounds, and we might even uncover some areas of Hogwarts that were previously yet to be highlighted.

One area that fans are wondering if it will be represented is Hogwarts Express. The iconic train that takes students to the school has been a staple moment across the various novels and films. According to the lore, before the 1830s, students would arrive at the school through various means. However, when the Hogwarts Express was established, Hogwarts made it a rule that all students must arrive at the school grounds through this train. Of course, there were exceptions in the past, but most assume that we’ll see Hogwarts Express in the game.

What we don’t know is just what design this train will take. While the films are iconic, the train within the films was built in the early 1900s. As a result, the train we’ll see in Hogwarts Legacy may be different. Some fans might find that to be a bummer if they enjoy the film’s iconic train look. Really it’s completely unknown right now just what the developers are planning to do.

Lastly, as RetroRaconteur pointed out this subject, our protagonist received a late acceptance to Hogwarts Legacy. This could either be because the student was accepted later in life rather than a younger child or a more literal sense, such as the school has already started class at arrival. If that’s the case, then we could see the student not riding Hogwarts Express at all. As it currently stands, Hogwarts Legacy will be arriving sometime next year, 2022.


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