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Hogwarts Legacy is quite the anticipated video game. While initially slated to release this year, the developers have since delayed the title. Now we’re looking to see this game hit the marketplace in 2022. Unfortunately, details are still a bit scarce. We don’t know a ton about the game and its narrative. As a result, there’s been plenty of speculation online about what we can expect. One of the speculation pieces that surfaced is the potential antagonist of this game.

We don’t know who the main enemy we’re going to be battling with. However, one fan decided to deep dive into the lore of Harry Potter. One name that sticks out for potential antagonists is Loxias. Loxias was present around the eighteenth century who had an allegiance to the Dark Arts. However, the main reason for his notable fame is being an owner of the Elder Wand, one of the Deathly Hollows.

Loxias – Harry Potter Fandom

The wand’s history is a lengthy one after it was first crafted up in the 13th century. Over the years the wand has fallen into countless hands, most of which were nefarious. Loxias was just one of the individuals who had claimed the wand after killing the previous owner, Barnabas Deverill. According to the lore, Loxias was defeated and the wand continued to find new owners.

The legend goes that a few notable individuals laid claim that they defeated Loxias. For instance, the three notable individuals are Loxias’ own mother and two other wizards named Arcus and Livius. Again, it’s uncertain who was responsible, but this timeline goes along with the Hogwarts Legacy setting. Perhaps we’ll see Loxias and get the official story when we play through this game. But, again, this is purely speculation and a notable name that just happens to line up with the game. Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is not slated to release until sometime in 2022 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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