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A remake of exploration horror game Kirisame ga Furu Mori (Forest of Drizzling Rain) is currently in development for PC (Steam), developer Hoshikuzu KRNKRN announced. It will launch in 2022 in Japan.

The original Kirisame ga Furu Mori is a freeware game built on RPG Maker VX Ace and released in October 2013 in Japan. The remake will feature significant upgrades, including completely remade and additional maps, and a story that changes based on the player’s choices with an increased number of routes outside of the game’s multiple endings. New scenarios will also be added to give the story greater perspective.

Here is a synopsis of the game’s story, via its official website:

After losing her parents in an accident, college student Shiori Kanazaki had no family left. While cleaning out her parents’ belongings, she finds a photograph of herself as a child with her parents, a grandfatherly old man, and the text “Azakawa Village.”

“I’d like to visit my parents’ hometown. If that old man is there, I’d like to meet and talk to him…” Driven by loneliness and hope, Shiori made her way to the village. But what awaited her there was a mysterious museum, a deep forest behind it, and the museum’s mysterious manager Kotarou Suga, who sternly warned her not to set foot in the forest.

But one night, she runs off into the forest of drizzling rain. Her memories come back to her, and a voice saying “Come, come!” echoes around her…

Alas, that was… the “promised place” Shiori must never enter.

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