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Humankind is a huge new 4X that’s shaking up the genre. Instead of selecting your culture right from the start, you slowly evolve as time goes on — and your choices determine your playstyle. If you want to win by being the very best agricultural society in the world, you can do that! Or, you can go the war route to defend your borders and see how warfare changes over the ages. Combat is one way Humankind completely changes the way you play a 4X, with units that actually do special things, and war requires using varied units to fight across multiple hexes. In the Industrial Era, units will have to hide in trenches to avoid machine gun fire, and the introduction of tanks will break the stalemate.

It’s a refreshingly new take on 4X games like Civilization, and Humankind has another cool feature you won’t find anywhere else — Personas. Personas are your in-game avatar, and each one has specific strengths and weaknesses you can select. Some Personas are better than others depending on how far you’ve progressed in the game, and you get to decide what they look like, and what their AI personality will be. You can populate your games with these personas — either from your friends, from strangers, or from your favorite Twitch streamers.

This is one feature of Humankind you might not even know exists, but there’s a way to share, download, and upload your personas for all the world to play with.

How To Download & Share Personas

Personas are avatars you can use to populate your Humankind game. Right now, most personas are based on Humankind developers, Twitch streamers, and other players that have early-access. But, now that the game is out for everyone, you can upload your persona — players could start by adding personas based on real-life historical figures, using their particular proclivities to make more interesting solo worlds.

Personas can’t be upload directly from the website. Instead, you need to do it in-game. When you link / share a Persona, it will appear first on the list.

  • How To Upload Personas:
    • Register a G2G account here.
    • Launch Humankind and connect to your G2G account in-game.
    • After creating a Persona, go to the Persona menu and select save.

Saving a Persona will automatically upload it to G2G where it can be shared / seen by other players. It might not appear on G2G right away, so give it a little time.

Personas are one way Humankind is innovating in the 4X genre and giving your character (and your enemies) more personality. Just try to use your own persona for your first few games — some of them are way more powerful. Using a really good persona is a little like cheating.

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