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If you’re after some deals and getting a few video games at a discount for PC then you might have stumbled upon Humble Bundle. This is a fantastic service to check on regularly for some great video game deals. Through the service, you will see offers for bundles of video games at a discounted price, but there is a slight catch. Each bundle offers three tiers and to unlock every tier, you must pay for the top tier which is usually under $15 alone. 

Developers and publishers will usually team up and offer a collection of Steam codes for Humble Bundle to use as a promotion. Gamers are then able to purchase the bundle and determine if they wish to spend more than the price tag to donate to certain featured charities. It’s a great cause as you can save some money on video games and determine just how much money can go towards a charity of your choosing.

Now there is a slight change to how Humble Bundle operates as you’ll find that the digital storefront service will require up to 30% of the funds spent. This will mean that certain bundles whether it’s video games, books, or software will not have an option to give all of the proceeds to a charity. For some, this is a bit of a surprise for some who might have used Humble Bundle specifically so that their money is given towards a cause.

However, on the flip side, you can also look at this as a way for Humble Bundle to continue in hopes of making even more bundles accessible. Regardless, it does look like there will be some future bundles available that will allow consumers to donate all of their funds towards the highlighted charity options. If this is the case, there will likely be some highlighted messages within the bundle option alerting consumers that they can donate all of the proceeds towards a charity rather than splitting it up. 

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