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There’s plenty of cooperative games out there but if you missed out on Hunt: Showdown from when it first released then there might be a new reason to check it out. With that said, if you haven’t logged on to play the game then there’s also a strange little addition for you to check out as well. It looks like the developers decided to add Shrek’s home into the game. That’s right, the iconic Shrek home from the animated children’s film.

Within Hunt: Showdown, players will work in a group as they compete for a contract kill. In this world, there are countless monsters and you’re a mercenary group tasked with taking out a troublesome monster within the area. The problem is that you have other players that are after the same bounty contract. Here you’ll need to search the area for the monster and take it down.

Here’s a bit of the twist, when a player kills the monster and collects the bounty, the location of the monster is posted on the map for every other group playing within the game. This will prompt players to run towards the area in hopes of catching your group with the bounty. It’s a brutal fight to collect the contract and reach the exit point. 

This game hit the marketplace back in 2019 so chances are you might have already checked into this game by now. Regardless, there’s a new DLC out for this game called The Beast Hunter, and with it comes a new map layout. Within the map, players can find a small little easter egg that features Shrek’s home. All you’ll find is a small little nod for the iconic ogre and as it stands it doesn’t appear you’ll find Shrek roaming around. If you’re looking for a bit more insight into the game then check out our official Before You Buy episode upload on the title in the video embedded above.

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