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There is plenty of Marvel games to have hit the marketplace. Some have done incredible while others have not so much. For instance, we have Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was a game that was a must-have for the PlayStation 4 platform. Now another big title is coming, which has an industry insider incredibly stoked to see unveiled.

Industry insider Tidux has recently alerted their followers on Twitter of a new Marvel IP being developed. Unfortunately, this insider didn’t offer very much in terms of details. Tidux warned the followers that another Marvel IP is being developed according to multiple sources. However, it may just blow some players’ minds if this rumor is true. That has left plenty of followers offering their takes on what could potentially be, such as a new Punisher title.

While we don’t have any information right now, it will be a single-player video game experience. That might be appealing to some players already if you wanted a narrative-driven experience. But, for now, it’s a waiting game to see what will be unveiled. There’s plenty of excitement building up alone from this industry insider tweet, and we quite literally have nothing to go by just yet.

Perhaps whatever this game ends up being, we’ll get some official confirmation on it. After all, we have the upcoming PlayStation event planned this week. We’re sure that some notable announcements will be made during that event, and perhaps we might get another PlayStation Marvel game unveiled. So what are you hoping to see revealed in terms of a single-player Marvel video game?


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