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NetherRealm Studios might be known best when it comes to Mortal Kombat and Injustice. The developer has delivered some incredible fighting video game titles over the years. We’ve also seen Mortal Kombat get adapted into different movies as well. However, we are now finding Injustice popping up with their animated film adaptation as well.

The upcoming movie now has a trailer which you can view above. If you played the first game or read the graphic novel, you already know the basic premise of this movie. Overall, the Joker manages to trick Superman, causing him to murder Louis Lane. This results in Superman becoming a tyrant and ruling the world under his order. Seeking to stop Superman’s regime, a collection of heroes have to work together and attempt to defeat Superman once and for all.

This is an animated film and not a live-action adaptation. With as much love as the games have received over the years, it’s not surprising to see the video game get adapted. However, we will have to wait a bit longer before we can sit in on this movie. Currently, Injustice is gearing up for a release on October 19, 2021. Although, we’re uncertain just how this narrative will be adapted completely.

As you know, there was a sequel to Injustice, so perhaps this movie will lead to a sequel as well. Furthermore, fans are waiting to see if another video game installment will be coming out to the IP as well. With DC FanDome 2021 also happening on October 16, 2021, just a few short days before the movie release, we might see the announcement of Injustice 3.


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