Irish singer-songwriter AVA wrote a song for a ‘big’ PlayStation remake to be announced in December – Gematsu


Irish singer-songwriter Eabha McMahon, better known by her stage name AVA, wrote a song for a “big” PlayStation remake to be announced in December, she said in an interview with Irish radio program The Lunchbox.

“I just recently wrote a song for a PlayStation game with Michael McGlynn,” AVA said during the October 7 episode (12:00 to 13:00 timeslot) of The Lunchbox.

Pressed for more information by host Geoff Harris, AVA divulged:

“Yeah, so that actually happened about a year and half—it was just after the pandemic hit. Michael McGlynn got in touch and just said, ‘Listen, we’re writing music for a remake of a PlayStation game’—and he’s done that a lot, he’s done a lot of writing for different games that are very well known. But I’m actually not a gamer myself.

“So anyway, he says, ‘Look, it’s an Irish language piece that they’re looking for.’ So really what I was involved with was the lyric writing in the Irish language, and his daughter sang on the track and his wife arranged part of the choral parts, and so did Michael. And he also worked with me on the language side of things, so it was almost like a family effort.

“For ages I wasn’t allowed to really—you don’t know what you’re writing for, it’s all kind of undisclosed because they don’t want it to get out. So it’s actually going to be announced at Christmas—the name of the game. I have heard of it now and I have confirmed it is a big game, which is great! It’s going to be an Irish language piece in the game, which is brilliant.”

Michael McGlynn and the music ensemble ANUNA, which AVA joined in 2015, previously worked with composer Yasunori Mitsuda on the track “Shadow of the Lowlands” for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and McGlynn performed alongside Mitsuda on stage in celebration of Xenogears‘ 20th anniversary. Given that the new song by AVA is a collaboration with McGlynn, and considering McGlynn’s history with Mitsuda, it is possible the PlayStation game in reference is a title Mitsuda previously worked on.

Christmas celebrations traditionally begin on December 8 in Ireland. As for where the announcement will take place, The Game Awards 2021 will be held a day later on December 9, so that is one possibility.

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