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It Takes Two is a brand new game from Hazelight Studios and it just released this year, 2021. The game acts quite a bit like their previous title, A Way Out, in that it requires two players to go through the game fully. As a result, you’ll need to ensure that you have a player two around for the ride. The video game again has players going through a two-player cooperative game where this time around we’re following two parents that are going through a divorce.

However, the couple is placed into two dolls and must complete a series of objectives in place for them to complete. These are essentially a variety of different puzzles needed to be completed to progress forward. While the game is centered around rekindling a relationship, the gameplay is constantly switching things up so you’re always finding something new to do mechanically. Fans have taken up with the game quite well and for now, it looks like that there is plenty of players still finding their way to picking up a copy of this game.

We have news that there is a new milestone that Hazelight was able to accomplish. According to their Twitter account, It Takes Two has successfully surpassed two million copies sold. That’s quite the feat and it’s always great to hear a developer surpass a big milestone number. With this game being still relatively new there’s bound to be even more players that are going to be picking up a copy of this game at their convenience.

Of course, if you haven’t picked this game up yet and would like to see more about the title then you can check out the trailer for the game above. Meanwhile, the title can be picked up right now for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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