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Recently a new console exclusive had hit the marketplace. Ember Lab brought out Kena: Bridge of Spirits which we recently did a Before You Buy episode on the game. In this game, players take a young spirit guide named Kena, who is hunting down a sacred mountain shrine. Throughout the game, players collect these little critters called Rot that can give Kena some powerful abilities.

It’s all about exploration and combat with Kena: Bridge of Spirits. However, if you don’t own a PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 or have a capable PC running the game, then you’re out of luck right now. This is a title that was only launched for those platforms. Of course, some players are now finding out that this is only a timed exclusive deal. In a new interview with SegmentNext, it seems that the game may eventually hit other platforms. However, we’re not entirely sure just what platforms or when.

SegmentNext was able to interview the co-founder and COO of Ember Lab, Josh Grier. During the conversation, the topic of Kena: Bridge of Spirits being an Epic Games Store timed exclusive, but that’s not the only timed exclusive right now for the game. If you don’t recall this was a timed exclusive game. The recent interview was able to reiterate that other platforms could find the game coming out in the future. This might be new information for some players, but it serves as a good reminder that the studio is likely planning ports for the game. 

We don’t know just when the timed exclusive deal will end. Likewise, it’s uncertain if we’ll see the game also release on the Nintendo Switch or if it would only be moving to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Again, we have a Before You Buy on this game which you can view above. Within the video we offer some gameplay footage along with our impressions. So if you’re not completely sold on the game just yet, our video may help give you a bit more insight to what the game is like without spoiling the narrative.


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