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Star Wars games will continue to have a following. The popular franchise has brought out some incredible video game releases in the past and some anticipated installments. For instance, fans are waiting on a sequel announcement for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the Star Wars project Massive Entertainment is working on. However, when we look back at the IP, a few notable installments are well worth picking up and enjoying today.

Among that list is Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Developed by Bioware, the video game was such a massive hit that years later, it’s still highly regarded today. It’s an RPG that had a narrative that gripped players. With some twists and turns along the way, players are still talking positively about this year. However, it’s undoubtedly a game that could use a nice coat of fresh paint. Thankfully, developers Aspyr decided to take upon the challenge.

PlayStation recently had a showcase event that highlighted a few video game titles for the PlayStation 5. To open up the show, we got the unveiling of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many details from the event as it was just a tiny teaser to alert that the game was being remade for the PlayStation 5. That might have appealed to PlayStation 5 owners, but it’s worth noting that we’ll likely see this title come to other platforms as well.

It looks like this will be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5. Specifically, it’s noted to be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive at launch. That tells us that we can expect this game also to hit the PC platform and eventually land on Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, it might be a good while before we get any details about the game since all we have so far is just the title announcement. Although, it’s at least reassuring that we won’t have to specifically pick the game up for the PlayStation 5.


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