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Riot Games has revealed their latest champion for League of Legends, and today we got to get a look at her abilities. The character is Vex, a Yordle who apparently has a bit of a gloomy streak if her hairstyle and oversized sweater are any indications. She’s a mage who has a strange force following her called Shadow. Her kit is apparently based around using fears and passives, as well as a few moves designed to maximize damage.

About Vex’s character design, which intentionally resembles an angsty teenager, Riot writer Erika Haas said in a reveal announcement: “League champs are usually designed to be aspirational. They’re often brave heroes who are destined to save Runeterra, or powerful villains hellbent on world domination. So what if we had a champion that’s just meant to be relatable? Someone you might see yourself in. Somebody who just doesn’t give a damn.”

Vex’s passive is called Doom ‘n’ Gloom, which is kind of like two abilities. Doom, which activates periodically, will interrupt dashes and Fear enemies. With Gloom, any nearby enemy that attempts to dash or blink will be marked with Gloom, and the next basic attack will detonate that mark and deal bonus damage. Her Q ability is a forward wave attack called Mistral Bolt, and her W ability will give Vex a shield and emit a shockwave that damages enemies around her. Both attacks will also detonate Gloom on marked enemies.

Her E ability is called Looming Darkness, and it’s a long-range attack that sends Shadow to a particular location where it’ll deal magic damage and slow enemies down, as well as mark them with Gloom. Her Ultimate ability, Shadow Surge, will send Shadow forward, dealing damage to the champion it hits, and activating it again will pull Vex to the target, which will increase the damage. If the target dies from these attacks, it will lower the cooldown time of Shadow Surge to a few seconds.


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