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Want to earn 100% of the achievements and trophies in Life Is Strange: True Colors? You’ll need more than just the 25 collectible memories. You’ll also need to complete four mini side-quests, found throughout the game’s four chapters. There are tiny adventures you can play through, helping out the locals with their various problems while employing your powers of empathy for puzzle solutions. There aren’t too many of these, but they’re pretty dang easy to miss. Here’s how to find (and complete) all four missable achievements / trophies.

In Life Is Strange: True Colors, you play as Alex Chen as you arrives in a Colorado mining town, meeting your brother and trying to unravel a mysterious death. Using your powers of Empathy, Alex can feel what other people feel — its a blessing and a curse, and you’ll have to use it to understand exactly what happened after one very bad night. These are emotional games that cover heavy topics. Its nice to take a break from the main story and just help some random locals out with their little problems.

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All 25 Collectible Memory Locations

Bird Spotting | Achievement / Trophy Guide

Bird Spotting can be unlocked in Chapter 2 — leave the bar / apartment building, and go toward the park across the street. To unlock, follow these steps.

  • Use Empathy on the woman with binoculars in the park, across from the bar. She’s looking for birds.
  • Talk to her and you can help her win the contest by finding a contest-winning bird.
  • Go to the back-left of the park toward the river overlook. Walk behind the diner, and look in the old tree — there’s a large bird. Check the bird to get a little dialogue about it.
  • Return to the woman and tell her about the bird. She’ll go take a picture and unlock this achievement / trophy.

Found Dog! | Achievement / Trophy Guide

The Found Dog! achievement / trophy can be unlocked in Chapter 2. From the bar, go to main street and revisit the record store to get started.

  • Use Empathy on the “Hoodie Guy” in the Record Store. He’s browsing through the racks.
  • Reading his emotions reveals he’s mad about a “Chrissy” — this is his dog, and we can help him.
  • In the same shop, go to the bulletin board on the opposite wall and check it. There’s a notice for a FOUND DOG. Investigate it.
  • Next, talk to the Hoodie Guy to help him out and unlock this achievement / trophy.

Earworm Squasher | Achievement / Trophy Guide

In Chapter 3, you can find a student in the bar with a song stuck in her head. Let’s help her out.

  • Downstairs from your apartment, in the bar, look in one of the booths for a busy student. Use Empathy on her to learn she’s got an earworm problem. This unlocks new information.
  • With this new information, go to Steph and Ryan sitting at the bar counter and talk to them. There’s a lot to talk about, but eventually you can ask about the song lyrics.
  • Next, go to Jed sitting at a table near the front door. Mention the song you just learned about (Alabaster Daydreams) and he’ll tell you its behind the bar.
  • Go behind the bar counter and you’ll be able to collect the CD near the computer.

Use the CD on the jukebox, then interact and make sure to select the song “Alabaster Daydreams” to complete this mini-challenge.

Exactly 731 | Achievement / Trophy

This achievement / trophy is available in Chapter 4 — reach the festival, and you can help a very confused man guess the correct amount of jelly beans in a jar.

  • At the festival, look to the left for a Jelly Bean Counter NPC standing at a booth. Talk to them and suggest there are about “800” jelly beans. Make sure to select 800.
  • Use Empathy on the Jelly Bean Lady, the one running the contest booth, and you’ll learn that the number is close, but she hopes the contestant doesn’t guess something a little lower.
  • Talk to the counter again, this time suggesting 700. Again, use Empathy on the Jelly Bean Lady to learn the true number — 731.

Talk to the contestant a final time and suggest 731 to finally win the little game.

That’s all four missalbe achievements / trophies in Life Is Strange: True Colors! Get these and all the collectibles to earn 100% completion.

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