Major Video Game Developer Ubisoft Has Pulled Out of E3 2023

Major Video Game Developer Ubisoft Has Pulled Out of E3 2023

So What is E3? E3 is a showcase event for the video game industry where major video game software developers and console makers like sony, nintendo, Xbox, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and many more showcase their upcoming projects.

When Does E3 2023 Event Occur ?

E3 2023 video-game is scheduled on Friday June 13th 2023 to Sunday June 16th 2023 and it takes place in Los-angeles, California.

Major Video Game companies also confirmed that they are no longer showcasing at E3 2023.

Some of the big name game developing companies like Sony, Xbox, Nintendo and now Ubisoft also confirmed leaving E3 2023. Rather focus on a single private event than participating in a trade event. Sony, Xbox, Nintendo and Ubisoft confirmed that they will host their own show revealing their upcoming video game titles, announcements, gaming events and much more.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said “we’ve made the subsequent decision to move in different direction and will be holding a Ubisoft Forward Live Event on June 12th in Los Angeles”

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