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Your Mii Character isn’t locked to just Adventure Mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush. They gain levels and improve, giving them an edge over the rest of the roster if you’re willing to spend a lot of time earning XP. And it can be done very easily if you haven’t finished the story yet. There’s even an alternate method for players that have finished the story — whether you’re done or not, you can still farm fast XP in Mario Golf: Super Rush. It just takes a little creativity.

Consider this a PSA. If you want to earn XP fast and farm your Mii Character, you’ll want to avoid finishing the Adventure Mode too quickly. If you finish, you’ll only have a few challenges you can replay. You won’t be able to replay the big XP earning challenge! The mode isn’t very long, so you can always replay it with a new Mii Character if you’re looking for an easy endless method for grinding XP.

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How To Level Up Mii Characters Fast | XP Farming Guide

In Adventure Mode, you’ll play as a unique Mii Character that levels up. Other characters in Mario Golf don’t level up this way, making Mii Characters totally unique. To earn a lot of XP for your Mii Character, you’ll want to reach these two activities in Adventure Mode.

  • Master Duff Challenge: Failing the Master Duff Challenge later in the Adventure Mode gives you 250 XP. If you fail, you can repeat the Master Duff Challenge endlessly. Take 10 shots and lose — that’s 25 XP per swing. Once you complete this challenge, you can’t redo it. So you have to fail if you want to farm the challenge.
  • Lob Instructions: Replay Lob Instructions at any time to earn a quick 150 XP. Your goal for this challenge is to finish 2nd — don’t win. This challenge can be repeated even after you’ve finished Adventure Mode, making it available to players at any time for farming. You’ll need to skip through the dialogue and take 3 shots. That’s the second best way to farm currently, and its available to way more players.

And that’s it! There are two handy challenges you can replay over and over. The Duff Challenge is only available once, so you have to take advantage before you complete it. The Lob Instructions challenge is much easier and can be done at any point, but it doesn’t give quite as much XP. If you’re in the mood for grinding, these are your best options.

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