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In Mario Golf: Super Rush, you can unlock improved versions of characters after completing enough holes of golf. Star / Super Star club sets gain longer range and improved spin, giving you a big advantage when you’re on the course. Normally, you’ll have to play through tons of courses to earn enough Character Points to get the enhanced versions of each character, but there’s a way you can speed things up. This is especially useful if you’re aiming to unlock Super Star on the full roster of characters, but you don’t really want to learn how to play as them.

That’s right, you can earn Super Star without even getting good. There’s a way to grind out points without actually playing through holes. You can play 18 holes multiple times to get enough points, or you can just grind it out with a very simple method. I don’t recommend doing this for your favorites — if they’re characters you actually want to play, just play the game with them! It doesn’t take too long to earn Super Star. You can get all the points just by being a golf master. 400 points is very possible on a single 18 hole run… but you’ll need 3,000 / 5,000 to upgrade.

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How To Unlock Star & Super Star Characters

Each character can upgrade to Star or Super Star by earning 3,000 or 5,000 character points. Points are earned by completing courses, and Star / Super Star upgrades a pretty huge. Here’s a quick overview of what each upgrade does.

  • Star Upgrade: 3000 CP – +30 Yards Range, -1 Control, +2 Spin
  • Super Star Upgrade: 5000 CP – +60 Yards Rage, -2 Control, +4 Spin

Each character has slightly different Star stats, so this might be different for your character. Normally, you’ll earn enough points just by playing through courses and getting the best score you can get.

How To Unlock Star & Super Star Faster

The easiest way to unlock Star / Super Star is to simply complete courses, but if you want to unlock Super Star without actually playing as a character, you can do it by simply playing the first hole and restarting. Each time you do, you’ll earn +10 points. You’ll need to reset 300 / 500 times to earn enough points, but you won’t need to actually play as the other characters to earn their special upgraded form.

  • Start a course. Immediately once you’re in control, open the menu and restart from the first hole.
  • No need to forfeit or hit the ball at all. Each time you restart, you’ll get +10 CP.
  • To speed grinding up even faster, play in 4-Player mode. That way you can grind 4 characters at the same time.

It takes awhile to do, but it is possible. Turn on a podcast and enjoy some relaxing grinding. You’ll have the entire unlocked in no time.

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