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We probably don’t have to tell you just how Mario Kart is an iconic racing franchise for Nintendo. For decades, Nintendo has found this IP to thrive with new installments across multiple console and handheld video games systems. While each installment tries to bring something unique or new to the series, there was a big change up to the latest installment of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This is a different game as it plays on mixed reality game where players are given all the tools to set up a race track within their home. 

Afterward, players would sync their Nintendo Switch to an RC vehicle supplied with the game which would then allow players to race around their home. With the RC car featuring a camera, players can see the course ahead while the game would add in opponents and the various power-ups to be used virtually. Of course, there’s plenty of limitations in place since you have to race around indoors with the track having to be within a certain distance of the Nintendo Switch console so if you have space and are interested in building up your tracks, it was a pretty unique little video game. 

Now it looks like there is a new update for the game which will put it to 1.1.0. Fortunately, there’s more to this update than just some update to the game in terms of bug fixes or additional stability. Instead, you can find that there is more content added into the game which includes a Mario Cup, three new environments, along Yoshi kart. That might be enough to see some players take the game back out and start forming their courses around the home once again. Still, some players are wondering if this support will continue with some fans waiting on a new installment to the mainline franchise.

When it comes to Mario Kart, we haven’t received a new mainline installment in quite a few years. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was a port of sorts from the previous Mario Kart 8 release on the Nintendo Wii U. With this edition we got some additional content, but fans have been waiting for a new installment of DLC to come out for the game which would add more characters, karts, and more importantly, new tracks. For now, it looks like if you want new Mario Kart content you’ll need to stick with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit or their smartphone application, Mario Kart Tour.

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