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Streaming is a massive outlet right now. It’s a means to grow a community, gain new friends, and for some personalities, a means to turn a profit doing what they love. As streaming becomes more mainstream, the urge for developers to send out copies of games early to these channels has also grown. We’re seeing more channels gain early access and share content to a certain extent with their followers. If a game is great and streamers are enjoying themselves then it’s a potentially great tool to get more units sold. 

However, at the same time, it’s tricky as streamers can also highlight some of the bad in games. You’ll quickly gain some followers to avoid a game if it’s not a solid experience. This allows developers to go back in and make several different updates to help give their games some fresh new content or mechanics that fans will find of interest. What you don’t want is streamers not sharing this gameplay experience. When it comes to Marvel’s Avengers, several streamers dropped the game recently because of a glitch.

There was an issue with Marvel’s Avengers that highlighted the streamer’s IP address on the screen. That’s sensitive information streamers wouldn’t want to get out into the public domain so most would quickly drop the game and wait for a fix to come out. Thankfully the fix has come out and Patch 1.8b has corrected the issue allowing players to stream this game through the problematic platform, the PlayStation 5. 

Of course, for some, the Marvel’s Avengers game has been lackluster with its content. We have made note of our thoughts on the gameplay experience in the past. You can check out our Before You Buy coverage for Marvel’s Avengers in the video embedded above. However, make note that this was a review for the game when it was initially released into the marketplace. 

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