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There are a few Marvel games that players are likely looking forward to. First, we have two that were just announced not long ago. Those were Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 along with Marvel’s Wolverine. However, while those two games had plenty of excitement and hype built up online, there’s another Marvel game coming out soon. I’m, of course, referring to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This game reveal seemed to have mixed reception online after its initial reveal, and we’re certainly keeping tabs on it.

This game puts players into the role of Star-Lord and his iconic team. Unfortunately, we already know that the heroes following along like Drax and Rocket Raccoon won’t be playable. Instead, the studio Eidos-Montreal has made it to where the AI will take control of those characters. Fortunately, it does seem like players will have a bit of freedom to issue out commands for these characters.

Currently, the game looks to be based on the early formation of the team. Likewise, we know that they are off exploring the galaxy. While the crew is seeking a means to make a payday, they usually end up in some over-the-top catastrophic event. From the gameplay we have seen so far from the marketing materials released, it looks like the upcoming title will have player choices. Players can decide on several aspects of the game throughout the narrative, but it wasn’t clear how much these choices mattered. As a result, recently brought the choices and consequences aspect of the game up during an interview with developers.

“Yeah, I think it’s, like you said, it’s more about being different. And we relate it sometimes to, I don’t know, taking a plane to a particular destination on the globe and then we all meet there, and we all have our different travel stories, all right? Maybe we all left from the same city, and we all landed in the same city, but maybe they lost your luggage, maybe your flight was delayed, maybe I had a screaming baby in the back, you were in the first class drinking champagne. So it’s more about that. I don’t think it’s right or wrong, and there’s nothing that you should worry that, oh my god, reload, reload, something dramatic, maybe like a Deus Ex or something like that, but it will give a unique spin to your story.”

Patrick Fortier managed to speak with Patrick Fortier, the senior gameplay director, about the choices presented to players. According to Patrick, the game doesn’t necessarily have a good or bad choice. Likewise, it doesn’t look like these choices will have a significant effect on the game narrative. Instead, it looks like there will be some slight changes that will help give the player’s story a bit more unique experiences. Some of these choices may bring out different characters or scenes. At the end of the game, it seems like everyone will have the same ending, so it might not matter much about what choice you run with at any given time. Currently, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be available on October 26, 2021. Likewise, you’ll find it on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 platforms.


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