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Insomniac Games made a big surprise with their 2018 launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The franchise was no stranger to video games in the past, but this installment, in particular, was a huge hit. It eventually allowed the launch of the 2020s slightly smaller video game release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. We know that there is a sequel coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise under the studio. However, we didn’t realize that there would be another Marvel franchise that the studio would be taking on.

During the PlayStation Showcase stream, we got the unveiling of Marvel’s Wolverine. A game based around the iconic Marvel X-Men mutant. However, the reveal didn’t offer much of anything in terms of what exactly we could expect. This small teaser was enough to showcase that Insomniac Games would be taking on the project, but anything outside of that was left to player’s speculation. Today, we’re finding just a tiny snippet more about this upcoming project.

The news came directly from Brian Horton, the creative director behind the upcoming video game. A fan asked Brian through Twitter if this game would be about the same size as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or if we could expect a complete game. If you didn’t play the Miles Morales release of Spider-Man, it was a bit smaller scale than the original 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man. That’s when the creative director replied to the question.

According to Brian Horton, we can expect a full-size game. It doesn’t look like we’ll find a smaller project at the same level as Miles Morales. Meanwhile, the creative director also noted that this was going to be a mature tone video game. We don’t know if that means expect a mature rating or an overall more severe tone video game project. Right now, the rating is pending, and we don’t know just when exactly the game will be launching title. With that said, we do know that this game is set to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.


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