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In the video game industry, we’re seeing quite a bit more focus around making movie and television series adaptations. It’s a bit like how the comic book industry had this boom of movies and shows which now the focus looks like we’re going to see the same treatment for video games. While there have been plenty of duds in the past when it comes to adaptations from video games, it might be a bit different this time around with more care regarding the source material and how to properly share a story. 

For instance, when it comes to Mass Effect, the more ideal way to adapt this story would be a television series. There’s a big narrative and a ton of lore to cover so wrapping it all in a film might be a real challenge to undertake. That’s what came of the first attempt at a movie adaptation from what it seems like when Insider spoke with Mass Effect game director, Mac Walters. During their conversation, Mac made mention of the past attempt to get a film done which came out back in 2010.

It’s such an expansive world, and so many people I know in the TV and film industry have reached out to ask me when we’re going to do it and saying we’ve got to do it.

Mac Walters

It was a ton of content to squeeze into a film and it looked like things fell apart after a leadership change from Legendary Pictures which resulted in a more television series approach. However, nothing ever came to fruition since, but that hasn’t stopped the buzz about having a Mass Effect adaptation. Mac Walters made note that several individuals had an interest in an adaptation for this series which Mac could see happening in a television approach again.

This is also a game franchise that has a ton of lore behind it. You have a solid trilogy and not to mention there’s more lore you could go through that wasn’t covered in the video games. Regardless, with so many streaming services popping up, there’s bound to be plenty of networks that would be interested in diving into the Mass Effect ethos. 

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