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The EMMI units are a constant thorn in your side throughout Metroid Dread — they’re unstoppable stalkers that can’t be destroyed with any of Samus’s standard arsenal. Nothing will even slow them down, so you’re better off using stealth… or just running as fast as you can. The movement in Metroid Dread has been improved so much, navigating the 2D world has never felt better. And you’ll need that advantage, because EMMI only becomes more powerful the further you get in the game. They start out slow, but that doesn’t last long. Once you encounter the speedy Yellow EMMI, you’ll know that EMMI is not messing around.

Metroid Dread is the long-awaited next entry in the fan-favorite Metroid series. As space bounty hunter Samus Aran, you’re sent to a mysterious planet to hunt down a dangerous organism that threatens the galaxy. When Samus arrives, you’ll quickly learn that things aren’t so simple as an X-Organism hunt. A mastermind has lured Samus Aran to the planet with plans of his own. Even with a story-heaven setup, you really don’t need to know anything about Metroid to dive in — this is pure Metroidvania fun, with enough unique spins on the formula (counters, invisibility and other powers) to keep you constantly engaged. We’re loving it so far… even when these freaky EMMI robots keep killing us.

How To Evade EMMI | Survival Tips & Tricks

When you encounter an EMMI, look at the map screen to see the area EMMI can explore. It will be roaming around in a random location, and will begin to pursue you if it hears Samus within its yellow circle audio range. The yellow circle will appear if you step into its audio range.

EMMI will only enter its alarm / attack mode if it sees Samus in its vision cone. EMMI’s vision cone is fairly short, but it will pursue you by sound. If Emmi enters alarm status, the doors in the EMMI Zone will lock down. The lockdown will only lift after you escape and EMMI loses track of you.

  • How To Defeat EMMI: EMMI cannot be harmed by any of your weapons. The only way to damage EMMI is to reach the Central Unit — there is one marked on your map in each EMMI Zone — and destroying it to acquire a temporary Omega Beam power-up.
    • All EMMIs have a thermal shield around their core. Aim [L] and shoot [Y] with a rapid-fire beam to break off the shielding, then use a charged shot [R] to destroy the core.

EMMI will relentlessly pursue, and will know your location after acquiring the Omega Beam. Put distance between you and EMMI and aim — while aiming, EMMI will slow down and approach you, trying to avoid your shots by moving its head. Even the faster models of EMMI will slow down slightly while aiming.

For the faster models, you’ll need to shoot EMMI with rapid-fire to remove the shielding, then quickly run away. I recommend finding long hallways, then waiting for EMMI to approach. If you’re using the charge beam, you can pre-emptively start charging before EMMI is in range.

The trickiest part of any EMMI encounter is avoiding it. Later EMMIs get much, much more difficult. Here’s a few tips to stay alive.

Hanging from the ceiling and raising yourself up while Phantom Cloak is active.

EMMI Evasion Tips & Tricks

Watch the minimap. EMMI will appear as a red dot. Stay far away from the red dot, and wait for it to leave / pass through rooms if you’re close.

  • Use gaps (slide) or platforms to climb up and break line-of-sight with EMMI. Once line-of-sight is broken, EMMI will pursue but won’t know your exact location, lifting the lockdown.

Early in the game, you’ll acquire the Phantom Cloak. Remember, you don’t need to use Phantom Cloak to evade EMMI in sound range — only in visual range. If you’re hiding on a ceiling, don’t activate Phantom Cloak until EMMI is close enough to actually see you.

Give yourself plenty of space to use the Omega Beam.
  • Later, EMMI Zones will have mine traps. Look in your path for red glowing lights — that’s a mine. The damage doesn’t matter. Its the sound that’s worse. Using Phantom Cloak allows you to bypass mines without setting them off and alerting EMMI.

Phantom Cloak is an incredibly powerful tool, and when it is active, Samus will walk slowly — draining the Phantom Cloak, but also making Samus quieter. EMMI can’t hear sounds of movement when you’re Phantom Cloaked.

  • Even when Phantom Cloaked, EMMI will attack if it comes into contact with Samus. Cling to Spider Magnet walls or ceilings — especially ceilings. If you hang from a ceiling, press [D-Pad: Up] to raise yourself up and cling to the bottom. This way EMMI won’t bump into Samus while walking under your hiding spot.

Look for 1×1 alcoves you can slide into with the Morph Ball, then use Phantom Cloak. These 1×1 blocks are incredibly useful, because the EMMI can’t come into contact with you accidentally. If it sees your Morph Ball, it can still attack, but that’s what Phantom Cloak is for.

  • There’s always a path forward. In each EMMI Zone, there are seeming dead-ends. Some of these are meant to be use to lure EMMI away so you can take the main path to your true destination. And always stay on the move. Even the fastest EMMI can be escaped if you’re quick and understand the layout of the levels.

As a last resort, you can attempt to counter EMMI’s attack. There’s no sure-fire way to pull this off. Wait a few beats. Don’t press too early. You have to hit the button instantly when you see the flash, and even then it might be too late. It can’t hurt to try, but I haven’t found any method to consistently score counters on EMMI.

The stalkers can be stopped. When an EMMI appears, don’t think — just run!

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