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Samus’s adventure is literally cooling down in the next part of our adventure through Metroid Dread. When the thermal energy generator mysteriously goes offline, Samus has to navigate a refrozen section of previous maps. You’ll re-explore multiple locations this time, unlocking the depths of Burenia on your search for the best movement upgrades in the series. Finally, you’ll be able to get the all-powerful Screw Attack, which allows you to fly mid-air by timing your spin-jumps.

We’ll also get the Gravity Suit. After exploring the underwater for a pretty long time, the Space Jump just isn’t enough. The Gravity Suit is required to enter extreme temperatures and to move freely underwater. Its always one of my favorite upgrades in the game, and this one also gives Samus extra protection against enemies. Now that’s a bonus I can get behind.

This section also includes the hardest boss so far. This massive enemy is going to take multiple attempts to bring down. Learn what it takes to defeat Z-57 in the full guide below.

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How To Get Gravity Suit, Screw Attack & Beat Experiment Z-57 | Walkthrough Pt. 5

This section is all about movement powers. As far as major upgrades go, we’re getting the Space Jump and the Screw Attack — abilities that allow you to jump infinitely while breaking through blocks. Samus will also get the Gravity Suit, which gives you a defense upgrade and allows Samus to survive in extreme temperatures, or while underwater. Finally, we can safely explore lava and extreme cold rooms. You’ll need it, because sections of the planet are freezing over.

Ferenia (Revisit 1 Continued)

Go back up the spire and under the Save Station. Use Morph Ball under the Total Recharge Station to reach a statue room with green marks — use the Storm Missile to blast all the markers and destroy the Storm Missile Crate.

  • Next, go up and left through the EMMI Zone toward the Energy Recharge Station. Blast through the Storm Missile Crate below, then reach the very large room, and go to the Storm Missile Crate above the Network Station.
    • Past the Storm Missile Crate, there’s another Chozo Statue item room.
    • On the path to the Storm Missile Crate, you’ll get locked in a room with the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers.

These guys are only a miniboss, but they can be a huge pain. Learn how to counter, and focus your shooting on one of them — when there’s just one, they’re much easier to deal with.

How To Beat Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers:

The Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers are just like normal Robot Chozo Soldiers — but there’s two of them!

Play it safe, and learn when you can counter. When they draw their blade backwards, they’ll flash and you can counter. If they raise their blade and glow red, dodge away or over them.

Ferenia (Revisit 1 Continued)

Unlocking The Space Jump: Back on the main path, go to the Storm Missile Crate above the Network Station and shatter it to get a new item sphere. Reach the Chozo Statue to acquire the Space Jump.

With the Space Jump, drop into the water. Charge your beam so you can Space Jump across the water and destroy the enemies, then climb up and Space Jump back to the entrance. We’re exiting back to Ghavoran.

Ghavoran (Revisit 2)

Ghavoran is seemingly a dead end, but there is one path you can go. Go through the long Morph Ball vent left of the Total Recharge Station, then drop into the water and use Space Jump to reach the upper gap toward the Missile Tank.

  • We can’t reach the Missile Tank yet, because when you approach, you’ll fall down and reach the Green Teleportal.

Go to the Green Teleportal and use it to return to Burenia.

Reach this magnetic wall to lower it.

Burenia (Revisit 2)

In Burenia, drop into the water and reach the large underwater room with the Missile Tank+ in the center. On the center-left wall, there’s a Spider Magnet wall you can cling onto and lower to reveal a door.

  • Follow the lights to Space Jump across, climb up, then Space Jump to the door you just revealed to progress.

Drop into the deep water chamber, and look for a Grapple Beam spot and a red pustule crack. Break the red pustule and pull the Grapple Spot to reach the door.

  • In the next room, don’t miss the Energy Tank.

Deep down, you’ll encounter a squid alien. In the next room, use the Diffusion Beam to break the red pustule and break a path for your Morph Ball.

In the large room, Space Jump through the water and break all the red pustules, then use Grapple to pull the large loose mechanical pod down, smashing through the floor and giving you access to a new Item Sphere.

  • Unlocking The Gravity Suit: The wrecked path underwater leads to the Gravity Suit! Now you can move freely underwater, in lava, or in extreme cold areas.

Reach the Network Station, and you’ll gain access to an Elevator Exit leading to Artaria. The first area of the game is very different this time.

Artaria (Revisit 2)

The section of Artaria you arrive in is frozen! Navigate through the ice — there’s an Item Sphere just out of reach. Past the red pustule, you’ll encounter a new Chozo Soldier.

  • Chozo Soldier Miniboss: This Chozo Soldier has a shield, and gain a new attack. It may attack with its shield, flashing yellow — hit the shield with a melee counter right as it flashes to break it. This breaks the shield permanently.
    • The second form has a new powerful tar blast attack when it clings to the wall. It loses its shield in this form.

The frozen area is mostly blocked. Take the path to the Network Station, then continue to Cataris. Your next object is there — you need to restore power in Cataris and thaw the frozen sections of Artaria.

Cataris (Revisit 3)

Back in Cataris, we can now enter lava with the Gravity Suit. Save at the Network Station and destroy the red pustule (Diffusion Beam) at the bottom to reach an alien boss door. Use the Morph Ball Launcher to enter the arena. This is a tough fight, so be ready.

How To Beat Experiment No. Z-57

Phase 1: In the first phase, Z-57 uses its claws to swipe left then right, covering most of the screen. Use Space Jump into the left / right corner, then swap corners after each swing to avoid.

  • It will also shoot a pink slime beam. To avoid it, wait for the beam to end, then Flash Shift to the safe spot (no pink slime).

Shoot the head with missiles until it shoots a massive beam. Run under its head, then be prepared to counter it. If you successfully counter, you’ll deal enough damage to immediately begin Phase 2.

Stand under it and be prepared to counter.

Phase 2: At the start of Phase 2, it will charge a beam attack and place all 4 tentacles around the chamber — use Storm Missile to target all 5 spots to stun it. Prepare Storm Missile before it even performs the attack for a big Health bonus.

  • Next, it will generate a wave of energy and wind from the right side of the arena. Use Space Jump and Speed Boost to avoid getting pushed into the slime. These attacks don’t do much damage, so you’re alright if some do manage to hit Samus.

Finally, it will attack with a three swipe combo. After two swings (just like Phase 1), it will end with a giant double swing. Space Jump in the upper-center of the arena to avoid it.

The rest of its attacks are identical, just faster. Try to score another counter to finish it off fast.

Cataris (Revisit 3 Continued)

Back in Cataris, go toward the Artaria Elevator Exit, but don’t enter — keep going to the lava room in the upper-right to reach a Blue Teleportal. This takes you back to Artaria, near your objective.

Artaria (Revisit 3)

Using the Blue Teleportal in Cataria, Samus reappears in the far left side of Artaria. The area is now thawed, allowing you to access an Item Sphere.

  • Unlocking The Screw Attack: Go toward the Chozo Statue on your map to collect the Screw Attack upgrade. Now your Space Jump has an additional attack that can break through Screw Attack blocks.

With the Screw Attack, go back to Burenia through the nearby Elevator Exit.

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