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This is it. The last section of Metroid Dread. Samus unlocks the final tools in her arsenal, and gains access to the villain’s lair. The ending path has Samus earning the Wave Beam, the Cross Bomb, and the Power Bomb — and you’ll face a series of boss fights leading up to the end. There are multiple Chozo Soldiers (both types). X-Parasites, and an EMMI you need to destroy to reveal Samus Aran’s full potential. This is the longest part of our walkthrough yet, so strap in and be prepared for one of the toughest final bosses in series history. Raven Beak doesn’t mess around.

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How To Get Power Bombs & Beat Raven Beak | Walkthrough Pt. 6

Raven Beak awaits. For this section, we’ll backtrack through areas with the Screw Attack and gain two new bomb abilities — the Cross Bomb and the Power Bomb. Once you’ve gained the Power Bomb, you’ll have all the abilities in the game. You can explore the entire map at this point. Enjoy hunting down all 100% items.

Burenia (Revisit 3)

Returning to Burenia, go to the room to the left of the Network Station and break through the Screw Attack blocks on the ceiling blocking a Missile Tank+.

  • Chozo Robot Soldiers Miniboss: Up the tall shaft you can break through using Screw Attack, you’ll fight another pair of Chozo Robot Soldiers. They’re much easier with your new powers. Score counters to bring them down even faster.

Past that, use the Green Teleportal to return to Ghavoran. We’re really blasting through areas now.

Ghavoran (Revisit 3)

Using the Green Teleportal in Burenia, we’re back in Ghavoran — you remember that long Morph Ball passage near the teleportal? Use the Screw Attack to break through.

At the top of the tall passage, you’ll encounter a new boss: Golzuna.

  • Golzuna Miniboss: The Golzuna only appears after defeating its first two forms. The second large creature can only be defeated by sliding under it when it rears up and shooting its back. Golzuna works the same way.
    • When you’re behind it, it will generate a small spark that explodes in a cross pattern. Use Space Jump to avoid and keep damaging the beast. When its low on health, it will generate four sparks at once in an undodgeable pattern. Just keep hitting it!

Unlocking The Cross Bomb: For defeating Golzuna, you’ll earn the Cross Bomb upgrade. This is a more powerful bomb that explodes in a cross pattern.

Past Golzuna, you’ll reach a room with tricky Pitfall Blocks. To get by them, drop a Cross Bomb and use the blast force to push your Morph Ball across the Pitfalls.

This leads to the exit, taking you to the highest region in the game. This is where Samus’s ship is parked! We’re getting very close now.


Hanubia is on the surface, where your ship is located — but something tells me we won’t be able to escape just yet.

Reach the Network Station, then follow the winding path down and right to reach the Exit Elevator to Ferenia. We won’t be here long. Samus needs something stronger to break through that cracked glass tube.

Ferenia (Revisit 2)

Back in Ferenia, follow the path through the extreme cold rooms until you reach the entrance to the EMMI Zone in the upper-right corner of the map. Our goal is the Central Unit.

Escaping the EMMI is MUCH EASIER with the Gravity Suit and Screw Attack. Just go up, blast through the red pustules with Diffusion Beam, and reach the Central Unit.

  • Afterward, blast through all the barriers until you reach the hallway with two pressure plates you need to Flash Shift over.
    • If you’re fast, you can use both the Omega Stream and Omega Charged Blast on the same hallway to defeat the Purple EMMI.

Unlocking The Wave Beam: For defeating the Purple EMMI, you’ll gain the Wave Beam, which allows Samus to shoot through walls and destroy purple Wave Beam Covers.

With the Wave Beam, go through the upper-left exit of the EMMI Zone to reach the Save Station, and return to Hanubia through the Elevator Exit.

Hanubia (Revisit 1)

To progress in Hanubia, travel up and go through the Wave Beam Cover door. You’ll see a Chozo Soldier escaping down that path.

In the next room, Samus will discover her hidden power — and encounter a powerful Chozo Soldier miniboss. This is just like the Shield Chozo Soldier we encountered earlier, just much more powerful. Try to dodge as often as you can, and break its shield early to initiate phase 2.

  • Unlocking The Power Bomb: Defeat the Chozo Soldier to gain the Power Bomb! Now we’ve very close to reaching Samus’s ship.

Use the Power Bombs to leave the EMMI Zone — EMMI is already dead, so we’re finally finished with the EMMI threat. That’s all 7.

  • Return to the Network Station to learn about Samus’s new power, allowing her to syphon energy just like a metroid. This is just a cutscene power. Mostly.
    • Go through the left door at the Network Station and use a Power Bomb on the cracked hallway. Now the path to your ship is open.

Ahead, through the upper levels of the region, you’ll encounter a new version of a familiar boss.

How To Beat The Elite Chozo Soldier:

The Elite Chozo Soldier is encountered in the upper levels of Hanubia. It functions very similar to other shield-wielding Chozo Soldiers, but this one is faster and tougher, and has a few wrinkles.

To destroy the Elite Chozo Soldier’s shield, wait for it to flash yellow (he briefly raises his shield) then hit it with a melee counter. After that, it will glow blue. Use the Grapple Beam to pull the shield off.

Otherwise, it is a much faster, more ferocious version. Be prepared for it to initiate attacks in phase 2 much faster.

Hanubia (Revisit 1 Continued)

Past the boss arena, you’ll encounter a new type of travel. The Pod Exit takes Samus to Raven Beak’s lairItorash.


In Itorash, use a Power Bomb on the glowing generator, then use the lift to reach another Network Station on the upper level. This initiate the final battle against Raven Beak.

How To Beat Raven Beak:

Phase 1: Raven Beak is a tremendously fast, powerful foe with a variety of attacks.

Raven Beak may summon a giant orb of energy. Dodge it and continue to shoot it — it will eventually dissipate. If you break it, you’ll regain health and missiles.

  • When Raven Beak generates a massive beam that seemingly covers the entire screen, change into Morph Ball form (or just duck) and then be prepared to counter his melee attack. This will open Raven Beak up to high damage and give Samus health + missiles.

Immediately hide next to Raven Beak when he generates a giant laser field from his hand. He’ll counterattack with a triple combo melee attack that covers the entire floor of the arena. Dodge over him!

Later in the fight, he’ll teleport to one side of the arena and launch a massive punch attack. This can be countered! Watch for his fist to glow red, then he’ll flash yellow as he punches.

  • When his shield turns gold, you can only damage him with counters.
    • Watch for Raven Beak’s fist to flash red. That’s your sign he’s about to lunge across the arena with a counter-able punch attack.
    • Raven Beak will also stand in place and taunt Samus. Get close and hit him with a melee counter when he flashes red, then counter again when he tries to punch.

Careful countering can end the first phase very quickly. I recommend practicing the counters — they’ll be useful later in the fight too.

Phase 2: For the second Phase, Raven Beak gains wings and an entirely new set of attacks.

Stay close to Raven Beak in this form. Its easier to dodge his attacks when you’re close to him — if he prepares to lunge forward, Flash Shift underneath him. If he’s tracking you with his Omega Stream, Space Jump around him. If he stomps down, Flash Shift to the side, or dodge underneath if he’s lining up a rectangular super blast.

  • Try to use Space Jump to lure Raven Beak to the center of the screen. If you’re too low to the ground, Raven Beak’s charge attack will damage you.
    • Keep hitting him until Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: Raven Beak rips off his wings. He attacks with even more ferocity now, firing a giant Omega Beam and summoning a lava sphere that shoots waves of fire.

  • Dodge his attacks. Once the lava sphere dissipates, he’ll revert back to his Phase 1 moveset. You can damage him normally — he doesn’t have a shield, but you’ll still want to counter him.

Wait for his fist to glow red, then counter as he lunges across the arena. If you can counter him, you’ll do practically enough damage to finish the final phase.

After taking out Raven Beak, you’ll crash onto the surface. An X-Parasite infects Raven Beak, forcing you to complete one more step — charge your Omega Beam and blast him until he’s finally destroyed.

You’ll have three minutes to escape the planet and reach your ship. Use the Omega Beam and aim to just shoot everything, clearing a path no matter what is blocking your way. Get back to your ship, and Samus will finally escape ZDR. Congratulations, you’ve won the game!

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