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Welcome to Metroid Dread! After a disorienting start, you’ll gain free control of Samus. This is one game where you can absolutely get lost, so here’s the basics to help you navigate each area with as little extra commentary as possible. This is how to progress in the game — with pictures included to help you figure out where on the map you need to go next. Each time you unlock a new piece of equipment, the game generally wants you to use it, and figuring out exactly where you need to go can be complicated. Sometimes your next goal is very close. Other times you’ll have to travel all the way across the map… and there are no fast travel methods.

The early hours of Metroid Dread are when you’ll probably get lost the most. Once you understand the game’s rhythm, it becomes a lot easier to find your next destination — whenever you get a new piece of equipment or upgrade, you’re meant to use it. Always check your map and cursor over the icons in an area to see what hasn’t been unlocked, and what you can now access with your latest powers.

For this section of the guide, we’ll be covering the beginning section of Artaria. This is just the beginning. Unlock other video games, you’ll be weaving in and out of regions rapidly, but we’re mostly stuck in Artaria before we reach the first boss. Here’s how to complete everything up to the big Corpius boss fight.

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How To Get Spider Magnet, Phantom Cloak & Beat Corpius | Walkthrough Pt. 1

At the start of the game, you’ll appear in Artaria — an alien facility. By progressing, you’ll encounter your first EMMI — a busted version, but its still dangerous. Confront EMMI, get the OMEGA BEAM from the destroyed Central Unit, and a tutorial pop-up will teach you how to defeat EMMI.

  • NOTE: To defeat any EMMI, locate the Central Unit. Aim and charge the Omega Beam you acquire to destroy the core. The Omega Beam is only temporary, and you’ll lose it after destroying an EMMI.

Soon, you’ll encounter a fully-functioning EMMI unit. Get the Charge Beam in the bottom-left corner of the map after evading EMMI. Use the Charge Beam to access the Thermal Area (4 Door Network Station) — in the first room, shoot through the ceiling. Progress through and redirect the Thermal Flow.

  • Energy Tank: Artaria – Right of the starting room and under the first Network Station. Return with the Charge Beam and slide under.

Return to the EMMI Zone. With the Thermal Doors open, you can now access the Central Unit. Defeat it and gain the Omega Beam. If you’re lost, remember that you can follow the glowing Thermal Pipes to the newly opened Thermal Doors.

  • Destroy EMMI to gain the Spider Magnet.
  • Use the Spider Magnet to lower the platform in the EMMI Zone and reach the tall shaft room. At the top, shoot through the walls blocking the Missile Tank.

Reach the alien door. Get very close, then counter to destroy it.

Defeat Corpius to gain the Phantom Cloak ability.

How To Beat Corpius

Shoot Corpius’s face with missiles / charge beam, and jump over its strikes. Once you do enough damage, it will turn invisible.

  • When Corpius is invisible, shoot the glowing tail.

When it reveals itself, it will charge a big attack. Slide under it, and be prepared to perform a counter. If you counter it, you can deal huge damage.

  • A Spider Magnet wall will appear. Use it to dodge poison breath attack, but don’t stay on too long or the boss will slam the wall.

To deal huge damage, continue to fire rockets into its face during the cutscene after a successful counter. Defeat the boss to gain Phantom Cloak as a reward.

You can now go to the far-right corner of Artaria (the Thermal Fuel area) where there’s a Sensor Door. This leads to the lift exit, taking you to Cataris. You seemingly can’t explore Cataris from this door due to heat rooms and lava. But there is a way. We’ll be covering that in Part 2.

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