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We’ve now entered the real meat of Metroid Dread. There are multiple bosses as we explore the underground tunnels of Ghavoran and reach the mysterious Elun Vault. Along the way, we’ll be unlocking so many upgrades, I can’t even list them all in the title — you’ll get the Plasma Beam, the Ice Missile, the Swarm Missile, the Super Missile, the Pulse Radar, and more. That’s a whole lot of missile upgrades you’ll be getting all in very quick succession. This is also one of the more nonlinear sections of the game, so there’s no shame in getting lost.

This passage also features multiple boss fights. All of these bosses are really more like minibosses — the Chozo Robot Soldiers and Chozo Soldiers are a challenge, but the X-Parasite at the end is the real deal, even if his boss fight is short. The game is ramping up, and we’ll face off against two of the toughest EMMI yet. The Blue EMMI freezes Samus when it spots her, while the Purple EMMI can see through walls. We’ll be destroying at least one of these EMMI, so there aren’t many left to take down. We’re getting closer to our goal.

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How To Get Plasma Beam, Pulse Radar, Swarm Missiles & Beat Escue | Walkthrough Pt. 4

With Drogyga down and the Grapple Beam unlocked, you’ll be able to explore the new region of Ghavoran. This lush underground jungle is home to dangerous predators… and eventually leads to the mysterious Elun. For this section of the walkthrough, we’ll unlock Super Missiles, Plasma Beam, Pulse Radar, explore Elun, unlock Swarm Missiles, Ice Missiles and defeat the boss Escue.


Early in Ghavoran, you’ll encounter another Chozo Robot Soldier. You know what to do — pelt it with missiles and counter its quick blade swing. If its melee glows red, jump over it… or run.

  • Stay on the upper level. Pelt him with missiles, then retreat to the opposite side with Flash Shift.

Continue, going through the EMMI Zone (EMMI is deactivated) and reach the Network Station.

  • Unlocking The Super Missile: Past the whale-like enemy room, there’s an Elevator Exit. To the left, use a Bomb to break a hidden Bomb Block and drop down to the lower level with a Missile Covering Door.
    • This leads to the Super Missile. This is a permanent missile upgrade — your missiles are now more powerful and can break through green Super Missile Coverings.

With the Super Missile, go up, left to the Total Recharge Station, then up again to another Super Missile Covering. Go through this door and use the Morph Ball Launcher, then go through the Super Missile Covering to the right.

Use the Grapple Door and you’ll reach a Tram Exit. Use it to reach another new area — Elun.


Right as you enter Elun, you’ll reach a Save Station. Go inside, and use Bombs to break through the floor at the dead end. Ahead, you’ll encounter X-Parasite enemies.

  • These enemies will revert to X gelatinous form when defeated. Quickly collect the floating blob to recharge ammo and health.

Unlocking The Plasma Beam: Follow the linear path to collect the Plasma Beam. Now your beam is more powerful, and can break the green Plasma Beam Coverings we’ve been encountering.

  • After gaining the Plasma Beam, go through the door (left) and up past the Ammo Recharge Station. Above that, go right through the door and right again to the Plasma Covering Door.
    • Up above, it leads to another boss door: Chozo Soldier. This is more of a mini-boss, but lets take some time to discuss strategy.

How To Beat Chozo Soldier:

Phase 1: Chozo Soldier is a fast enemy that uses melee attacks, and acrobatically launches himself through the sky. Be ready to use Flash Shift often — that’s your best way to avoid its attacks.

  • When he wall-jumps, he’ll slam down on your position. Shift away! When he’s on the ground, back away and use Missiles until you’re cornered. When you’re cornered, walljump and shift to gain enough height to safely jump over him.

Phase 2: In Phase 2, the Chozo Soldier is much faster, and its slam attack will generate black tar that waves outward. Flash Shift dodge and be prepared to hop over those X-Parasite globs.

  • His jump attack always lands in the middle of the room now. When you’re corned, make sure to walljump or you won’t gain enough height to dodge his spear’s spin attack.

Once you deal enough damage, a scene will initiate with Chozo Solider; counter his attacks twice to defeat him.

Elun (Continued)

After the boss fight with the Chozo Soldier, don’t miss the Energy Tank.

  • The Energy Tank is through the left exit to the Chozo Soldier arena. Use regular beams to break the hidden blocks on the left wall, then jump up and use Morph Bomb to reach it.

Now you can exit Elun. Return back through the main entrance. The X-Parasites are free, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of them. Use the tram to return to Ghavoran.

Ghavoran (Revisit 1)

Back in Ghavoran, return to the EMMI Zone and reach the Plasma-Cover Door to progress.

  • And EMMI is active again. Watch out for its Ice Beam. If it even spots you, it will immediately freeze Samus. Super annoying, so try your best to avoid detection by using the Phantom Cloak.

Reach the EMMI Zone exit and go up to find the Map Station.

  • Continue through the EMMI Zone, weaving in and out, until you reach a Save Station.
    • In the next room, a giant lifeform will block your path. When it rears up, slide under it and fire missiles at its exposed back. Repeat until its defeated.

Unlocking The Spin Boost: The path leads to your next upgrade. The Spin Boost gives you a double jump.

  • Return to the Total Recharge Station (backtrack) and drop down the shaft of blue magnet walls. Now you can use Spin Boost to climb the room to the left.

On the way back, you’ll encounter a second Chozo Soldier. With the Spin Boost, you can easily double-jump and Flash Shift over his attacks, making him a little easier this time around.

Now that you have the Spin Boost, backtrack through the EMMI Zone and to the far-left side of the map. You can now climb the tall room to reach the Central Unit.

  • To defeat this EMMI, lure it up to the blue magnet plate. Ride it across the ceiling, and wait for EMMI to crawl on the ceiling to get you. You’ll have plenty of time to break its metal covering with the Omega Beam.
    • It won’t crawl on the ceiling twice! Drop down, and lure it across the bottom of the room. Charge your Omega Beam, and you’ll have enough time to ambush it.

Unlocking The Ice Missile: For defeating the blue EMMI, you’ll acquire the Ice Missile.

  • Exit the EMMI Zone through the right door, then in the tall room, destroy the Enki with an Ice Missile in the top-right to progress.
    • In the room ahead, use Morph Ball in the bottom-left corner and you’ll gain a new AEON power. Now you have Pulse Radar, allowing you to scan rooms for hidden blocks.

Check your map. Next, we need to get to the Tram Exit near the Total Recharge Station. It is the center-right exit.

  • The door is blocked by an Enki (weird alien tube blocking the path) and a Grapple Crate. We can now use Ice Missile to break through, pull the crate, and reach the exit.

The Tram Exit leads back to Ferenia.

Ferenia (Revisit 1)

The path through the ornate palace is straightforward — reach the Network Station. You’ll learn that the EMMI has been reactivated.

  • There’s a very large room in the center of Ferenia. Go to the bottom-left door, and follow this path to the EMMI Zone door.
    • The Purple EMMI can see through walls. Make liberal use of Phantom Cloak, even when you’re just climbing magnetic walls. If EMMI is nearby, turn on Phantom Cloak and keep moving to recover your Aeon power.

Past the first EMMI Zone, you’ll reach a Map Station. Break through the hidden blocks on the upper portion of the tall shaft, and reach the Save Station next — then go for another tricky EMMI Zone encounter.

Escape through water (pre-emptively use Phantom Cloak to stop EMMI from spotting you when it comes to investigate the bomb) you’ll be able to unlock the right door of the Save Station.

Follow the path to the lower-right from the Save Station to reach a spire on the rightmost edge of the map. Use Pulse Radar to reveal a path leading down to a boss door.

How To Beat Escue

This dangerous X-Parasite boss fires swarm missiles and large plasma balls at Samus, and protects itself with an electricity shield. Wait for it to charge into a wall, then you can unleash a barrage of Ice Missiles.

  • When the boss fires a plasma ball, double-jump, walljump, and Flash Shift to stay mid-air to avoid the electricity that is generated on the floor for a moment.

When it charges its swarm projectile attack, Flash Shift underneath it, or double-jump over it and use Flash Shift to glide right over the projectiles.

  • Focus on dodging when the shield is up. When the shield is down, unload as many missiles into the creature as you can.

Once you deal enough damage, Escue will change to its true form. Shoot the giant X-Parasite and collect the small parasites that pop out until it is defeated.

Ferenia (Revisit 1 Continued)

Unlocking The Storm Missile: For beating the boss, you’ll gain the Storm Missile upgrade. By charging the missile, you can target multiple enemies (or objects) and fire auto-locked missiles. This uses x3 missile ammo.

Next up, we’ll continue to explore Ferenia with the Storm Missile upgrade. Next part, Samus will unlock some of her most iconic abilities — including the Screw Attack and Gravity Suit.

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