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Sequence breaking is a grand tradition in the Metroid community, and players are already finding ways to break free from the carefully planned constraints of Metroid Dread. The infamous Infinite Bomb Jump method is doable in Metroid Dread, allowing you to reach new heights with carefully timed bomb placement — but we’re not talking about that here. Here, we’re going to break down a simple method to get the Super Missile early.

In Metroid Dread, the Super Missile isn’t a separate missile type — you only have missile ammo, and Super Missiles are just upgraded versions that do more damage. Its a permanent enhancement over your other missiles, and makes enemies (and bosses) easier to defeat. Getting it really only involves knowing one trick, and using it in a single room. Early in the game, you’ll reach the region called Dairon with the Speed Booster. Before you can travel safely with the Gravity Suit and Space Jump, you can rush through an extremely cold room just by using speed boosted wall-jumps. It takes some practice, but it is very possible to pull off.

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How To Get The Super Missile Much Earlier Than Intended

To get the Super Missile upgrade early, you need to reach Dairon and have the Speed Booster — and enough health to survive in the cold room in the upper-left section of the map, to the left of the Map Station.

Once you reach the extreme cold room in the upper-left of Dairon, use the Speed Booster wall-jump to reach the top-left of the tall cold room. While Speed Boosted, your wall-jumps launch you much, much further than normal, allowing you to reach the top of the chamber. You can watch a Speed Boost wall-jump demonstration by Rain on Youtube.

The trickiest part of this trick is performing Speed Booster wall-jumps. The secret is, you’ll want to press the jump button as you push into the wall. Don’t push the D-Pad away too soon, or you’ll drop off. I recommend practicing this trick before attempting the trick in the cold room. You need to move fast or Samus’s health will drain quickly.

  • The secret to the wall jump is to push into the wall while you hit the button. Don’t push away too soon. By this point in the game, you’ll have at least 5 Energy Tanks, which should be enough to complete the skip.

Once you reach the exit to the Dairon cold room, you can follow the path through to Ghavoran. The Super Missile is located at the Chozo Statue in the lower-right corner. This is a permanent missile upgrade, and makes your missiles more powerful in general. You won’t be able to use this skip to sequence break more — there’s nowhere to use the Super Missile on this path! But, you can use your upgraded missiles to kill bosses a little faster.

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