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There’s more than one way to skin a Kraid. In Metroid Dread, there’s an alternate Easter egg method to blast Kraid to bits — Samus just has to sequence break and get the Morph Ball Bombs earlier than intended. Kraid is the second major boss in the game, and you’ll encounter this big bad guy in Cataris — and the Bomb upgrade doesn’t get unlocked until you can access the upper-left section of Dairon.

The Kraid defeat method is both incredibly gross and satisfying — eagle-eyed players will recognize the Morph Ball Launcher in the bottom-left corner of the arena. This method isn’t just a simple cheat. There’s an entirely new cutscene to watch, with a unique defeat method — featuring brand new animations! The developers 100% intended for you to bust through their game and find alternate methods of defeating the big bad guys, and for curious players, you’ve been rewarded with a pretty awesome little Easter egg. Here’s how the new Kraid kill works.

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How To Get The Special Kraid Defeat

If you acquire the Bomb upgrade for your Morph Ball early, you can defeat Kraid using a unique method.

  • During the second phase, when Samus drops down to Kraid’s belly and it shoots giant spikes from three orifices, normally Samus needs to shoot the purple infected orifice until it opens up.
    • In this alternate method, Samus can enter Morph Ball form and use the Morph Ball Launcher hidden in the bottom-left corner. This propels Samus directly into the gross purple orifice. Just keep planting bombs to deal insane damage.

Check out this method as shown by Twitter User Glaedrax — the one who discovered it. Watch in all its disgusting glory.

So the big question is, how do we get the Bomb Upgrade early?

How To Get Bombs Early | Sequence Break Guide

To get the Bombs early, continue into the game until you get the Wide Beam in Dairon. After acquiring the Wide Beam, you can access the extreme heat rooms with a Wide Beam Covering — on your map, these rooms are just under the Total Recharge Station.

Surviving The Extreme Heat Room: You need to travel through the extreme heat area until you reach a Network Station at the bottom of Dairon. In the extreme heat room, go down to the connecting door, then left to the Network Station. From this Network Station, save your game — you’ll also need to x3 Energy Parts — on the way through the heat room, you can grab a fourth Energy Part to fully heal. This heal makes it possible to survive to the exit.

In the EMMI Zone, use Phantom Cloak and DO NOT DRAW THE EMMI’S ATTENTION. You need to reach the room in the image above without EMMI following you. The room is at the top-right exit to the EMMI room.

Performing A Slide Wall-Jump: In the marked room above, Samus needs to perform a tricky slide-jump and then wall-jump to reach the upper area. If you jump after sliding off the ledge, you’ll be able to wall-jump and gain just enough height to reach the ledge.

Now just follow the path up and left to exit the EMMI Zone. In the rooms ahead, drop through the Pitfall Blocks (next to the Grapple Beam Block), go through the left door, then up to the Total Recharge Station. Continue up to Map Station door, and enter the Morph Ball path to reach the Morph Ball Bomb upgrade. It isn’t nearly as tricky as it looks.

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