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Metroid Dread was one of the more anticipated Nintendo Switch exclusives that were released this year. It was a brand new Metroid game, and it took the franchise back to its 2D roots. However, this was also a Metroidvania title, unlike the game that Metroid Dread picks up from, Metroid Fusion. Most fans would agree that Metroid Fusion was a bit too linear and story-driven to label as a Metroidvania game. 

Regardless, Metroid Dread was a huge hit, and fans worldwide are enjoying the title today. With that said, more than enough people have gone through the game and are interested in going back to play some of the classic titles. Unfortunately, those games are a bit limited to come by. As a result, it looks like those with the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are purchasing the previous video games through Nintendo’s Virtual Console. According to reports online, it seems that the launch of Metroid Dread has surged sales for past installments.

For instance, the Nintendo Wii U has Metroid Fusion as the number one seller, followed by Metroid Zero Mission. Then also on the top ten list of sellers are the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Super Metroid. Going to the Nintendo 3DS, it looks like Metroid: Samus Returns has found its way towards the top of the list. Players have been interested in the franchise as a whole since this game launched. Perhaps this might spark some interest in getting more installments out into the marketplace for the IP.

Likewise, this might spark some interest from Nintendo to make these past video game installments more accessible on the Nintendo Switch. But, for now, those on the Nintendo Switch platform can pick up and enjoy Metroid Dread. If you haven’t done so yet, check out our Before You Buy coverage of the game in the video embedded above.


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