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A new trailer for Metroid Dread gives users a good look at what they and Samus are going to have to face when the game launches on October 8. This overview trailer tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dread if you’ve somehow managed to miss the multiple updates on the game that have been released by Nintendo since the game was announced not so long ago.

The trailer, as the name suggests, gives a complete picture of what users can expect when they play the game, covering everything from movement to abilities to the aforementioned enemies. The first thing they mention is Samus’s mission. She’ll apparently be visiting an unexplored world called ZDR, where she’ll have to travel through a number of different areas on a sprawling map. She’ll have several traversal abilities, including new moves like a slide and a Spider-Magnet ability she can use to climb some walls.

Samus’s melee abilities haven’t dulled in the years since we last got a 2D Metroid title. She has her usual arm cannon and missiles, as well as a counter move to use against attacking enemies. We also got a long look at the kinds of enemies Samus will be facing. EMMI looks pretty intimidating, as she will relentlessly pursue Samus once she detects her, meaning Samus will have to use all the abilities at her disposal to escape. According to the trailer, these abilities include dashes and the ability to go invisible.

There are multiple kinds of EMMI you’ll be facing, each with different abilities of its own. There is also a multitude of enemies hiding in the dark, including Kraid from Super Metroid. Fortunately, Samus will have a few tricks up her sleeve, including her usual morph ball and dash abilities, to help escape them should they find her. It looks like stealth will also play a large role in the gameplay.

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