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There are no shortages when it comes to video game industry rumors. We see them all the time for everything. New game announcements, game delays, cancellations, to entire studios being shut down. Some of these rumors pan out to be true while others are quickly debunked. For example, a few years ago, some would have thought it unlikely Microsoft would be acquiring ZeniMax Media which includes Bethesda.

However, here we are, and Microsoft’s ZeniMax Media deal was a massive story. Studios like Bethesda, id Software, Arkane Studios, and Tango Gameworks were now under the control of Microsoft. It had plenty of fans wondering just what would be next. Likewise, there were speculation on a bidding war for other studios in the future. We haven’t seen a big move like the ZeniMax Media deal since. Now rumors are suggesting that perhaps we’ll be getting another big Microsoft acquisition announcement soon.

Again, this is just rumors, but there’s a lot of chatter online that an announcement might be coming in a matter of weeks. We don’t have anything to go off of in terms of official statements. With that said, there have been suggestions in the past that perhaps we’ll get a Japanese studio acquisition in the future for Microsoft. We haven’t seen Microsoft make a big move in the market yet.

Likewise, we have the Tokyo Game Show coming, potentially setting the stage for a Microsoft acquisition announcement. If it’s as big as the rumors online are leading it to be, who knows what studio might have been acquired. Microsoft has the funds to back up a purchase, and they are trying to make an extensive Xbox ecosystem. With consoles, PC, and cloud gaming. So, whatever exclusive comes out from Microsoft, it could be relatively easy to enjoy these games.


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