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Minecraft is a worldwide hit, and it continues to thrive today. While we have seen some spin-off titles, one of the more recent games was a dungeon crawler. Titled Minecraft Dungeons, this game has players venturing off into different dungeons in search of treasure. There’s also cooperative multiplayer so you and your friends can partake in some grand adventures. Unfortunately, with that said, it was a game that you couldn’t get on the Steam digital marketplace. Fortunately, if you were holding out on the game until the title was available for Steam, then you’re in luck. Today we’re finding out that the title is available for players to purchase on Steam this September 22, 2021.

Minecraft Dungeons has been out for a good little while now. So chances are, if you wanted to play this game, then you have had the opportunity. Since May of last year, players could get this game for various platforms, but now we can add Steam to the digital marketplace for PC players. We have a Before You Buy coverage for this game as well. Within the video, we offer our impressions of this game along with showcasing some gameplay footage.

While this game does provide players an isometric dungeon crawler, there is a narrative to go through. Players have to save villages after a corrupted Illager uncovers a powerful tool. Using this newfound power, the world has become in danger, leaving players to take the role of a hero who has to defeat the Illager and save the day. Of course, as you go through the game, there is plenty of dungeons to roam around in, bosses to defeat, puzzles to solve, and loot.

If you never played a dungeon crawler game, then this could be a good starting point. It’s relatively easygoing as there’s no class system. Whatever item you wish to use is not locked behind a specific class. Furthermore, there is plenty of platforms outside of PC that players can pick up this game. Included in the mix are PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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