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Lineage W

NCSOFT has announced massively multiplayer online RPG Lineage W for consoles including PlayStation 5 and Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. It will launch in 2021 worldwide. Pre-registration is available now.

Here is an overview of the game, via NCSOFT:

Taek-Jin Kim, CCO of NCSOFT, said, “Lineage W is a project that pursues the ultimate Lineage.”

Lineage W is a new title succeeding the legitimacy of PC MMORPG Lineage. Lineage W was strategically developed for global players with the concept ‘Worldwide.’ NCSOFT will release the new title across the globe in 2021.

Chief Creative Officer Taek-Jin Kim introduced the game as “a project that pursues the ultimate Lineage.” Kim highlighted that “Lineage W is a compilation of the Lineage intellectual property over the last 24 years. The game emphasizes Lineage‘s core values: battle, pledge, sacrifice, and honor. Lineage W will expand Lineage’s key element ‘battle community’ globally.”

Quarter view based on full 3D graphics, battle and pledge system succeeding the originality of Lineage IP, and immersive storylines

Sung-Gu Lee, head of Lineage W Group, and Hong-Young Choi, head of Lineage W Development, uncovered Lineage W‘s main features and service plans.

The game features a dark fantasy world presented with full 3D graphics and quarter view; various visual aspects transforming imagination to reality; a battle system succeeding the originality of the Lineage intellectual property with enhanced strike feedback; immersive storylines and diverse narratives; improved content for pledges and alliances.

A single build for the global market, real-time AI translation, cross-platform play on PC and consoles

Lineage W introduces a single build for the global market to create ‘a global battle community’. Players from different countries can cooperate and compete in a single battleground (server). It also supports ‘AI translation‘ enabling real-time communication among players speaking different languages, ‘Voice-to-text‘ function converting speech to text.

Lineage W also supports a cross-platform play. Players can enjoy the game on PCs through NCSOFT’s cross-play service ‘PURPLE’. Cross-play on consoles, including PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, is also being prepared.

Visit the official website here.

Watch the showcase event and first footage below.

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