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Monster Hunter Rise

During Tokyo Game Show 2021 last month, Capcom fans were treated to some wonderful news: Monster Hunter Rise, the company’s best-selling game to date, would be coming to the PC in January 2022. The title will feature ultra-wide display support, in-game voice chat, 4K resolution, vastly improved textures, uncapped framerates, and optimized mouse and keyboard support. Unfortunately, while this might mark a dream come true for PC players, Capcom took to Twitter yesterday to announce some sad news. Cross-save and cross-play functionality isn’t coming any time soon, meaning that those hundreds of hours put into the Switch version are staying on the Switch.

This isn’t a case of angering fans for fun–rather, it seems like a feature that is more difficult to implement. Whether Capcom mentions ‘at this time’ as a way to calm the mob, or as an implication that the feature may be coming in the future, we aren’t sure. Cross-play and cross-save have been big asks since the PC port was announced, with fans not wanting to have to start their journey from scratch. Monster Hunter World also does not allow cross-save or cross-play, and we have to wonder if Capcom is working on a way to add this feature given how vocal fans have been about it across social media.

Along with the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise coming in January 2022, the new Sunbreak expansion is set to be released in the summer of next year, bringing with it Master Rank quests, new story missions, monsters, and hunting actions.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available on the Nintendo Switch and was initially released in March 2021. The PC version of the title will be released on Steam on January 12, 2022, with the much-anticipated Sunbreak expansion DLC set to hit the game sometime in summer 2022.


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