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The Bingo Board is one of the most important features of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Every monster, once hatched, has a 3×3 grid of genes that are randomly assigned based on the quality of the egg you’ve discovered. The better your egg, the more genes you’ll have unlocked — some monsters will have sealed gene slots that are later unlocked once you reach the level threshold. If a gene slot is completely blacked out, then there’s nothing you can do to unlock it. That’s the worst case scenario, and most of the starting Monsties you get will have black slots on your Bingo Board.

The make the very best Monsties, you need to take advantage of a feature called Gene Channeling. Gene Channeling is unlocked in the second area of the game in the main story, and allows you to move Genes from a sacrificed Monstie onto a different Monstie in your roster. By harvesting Genes to upgrade your core group, you can make incredibly powerful Monsties that give you a huge boost in combat. Matching Element / Attack type will give you a +100% bonus each time. Stacking Bingo Bonuses is how you build unstoppable Monsties.

Let’s talk a lot more about Gene Channeling in the full guide below.

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How To Get Bingo Bonuses

To get huge +100% damage boosts, you need to line up x3 Genes on your Bingo Board in a row. These rows can be diagonal, vertical, or horizontal — and you can get multiple bonuses from a single row. By matching the same color + icon, you can earn double bonuses from a single row, and you can have multiple rows on a single board to stack bonuses.

  • NOTE: If you manage to get a Rainbow Rarity Egg (glows with a rainbow light when collecting the egg from a nest), there’s a high chance your Monstie will be born with a bingo right from the start!

Monsters are stuck with their genes — until you acquire the Gene Channeling ability. In Rutoh Village, you’ll gain the ability to perform Spirit Channeling, where you can release one Monstie and then apply the sacrificed Monstie genes onto another Monstie to power it up. This is why you’ll want to capture more Monsties of the same type and level them up — you’ll unlock the level-locked genes, then you can swap those genes onto another Monstie to make it even more powerful.

Using Spirit Channeling overwrites the Genes in your target Monstie, so choose carefully! The tricky part is farming for rare Monsties so you can get the right Genes in the right slots on the Bingo Board. It takes time and effort, but the pay-off is worth it.

Make sure to slot in Genes that match your Monsties strengths. Give your Monsties Genes that match their already established skillset, but make them more powerful! Every Monstie has specific elemental strengths and attack types they prefer. Focus on giving them more and filling in the empty spots for the most Bingo Board matches possible.

  • NOTE: When farming hatching and gene channeling, you can skip the animations by holding [+] on the Nintendo Switch. Even if you’re on PC, these scenes can be skipped. Just hold down the normal cutscene skip button.

Giving your Monsties a full board of Bingo Bonuses isn’t required until the End-Game, but if you’re a Monstie Maniac and want to beef up your Monsties at any point in the game, this is the way to perfect your Monstie pals forever. Good genes never go bad, and Gold / Rainbow Monstie Eggs are a great start.

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